Friday, 30 November 2007

Rain rain go away!

Well it rained most of last and today but I still rode.YO text me to see if i'd ride out with her as it was also pretty windy and one of her pony's is a rather nervous,spooky sort..strange the way people want to ride out with Polo and I when they have neds with issues its not like he's a school master but I do actually get this alot!?!
Funnily enough i'd say this pony would be a definate ulcer candidate,he's so on edge and sensitive to the extreme but no point mentioning it to YO as she's just not the type to listen or give it a go.Shame cos he really is a stunning pony with not a bad bone but seems so unhappy and on edge all the time:(
Think ive said it before but the wind doesnt bother Polo at all or make him anymore spooky so we had a lovely hack with a good old blast coming home up the hill leaping the stiles on the way..well Caroline said go for a gallop.

Still havent had time to go over the groundwork DVD again so didnt do anything much with Ali other than feet and a good pretty happy about the splint it seems to be settling down at last and has felt cool all week.Im going to stick to the month off that I originally said though cos I dont want to start then have it flare up AGAIN.
He's put so much weight on and his neck is unbelievable..i'll have to get some new pics think you'll get a suprise.
I'll have a look at the dvd tonight then see how we go tomorrow if I get stuck i'll give you a shout Claire.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Not as Easy as it Looks.

Hacked out yesterday on Polo with Jo for about 2hours.I was so tired it felt such an effort to hold myself upright,hate it when I feel like that I must feel cr#p to Polo cos my balance felt all out of sync, just walking felt like hard work!
Never mind he was very sensible and chilled so obviously didnt affect him too much.
Really must start getting back into the school again ive lost all disipline in that area at the minute,possibly need a couple of lessons to give me a kick up the butt and inspire me again.Trouble is hacking is more enjoyable to me (I like speed!)and Polo's being so good but the school work really makes a difference and long term will benefit him.

Tried a bit of the ground work from the Richard Maxwell DVD with Ali...flip it really isnt as easy as it looks!I need to watch it again felt like I was missing something or it could have been Ali was sensing I was tired cos it took quite a lot to get him to any direction:0
Will study it and hopefully try again tomorrow,it is new to Ali too so I think his theory is if you dont understand something conserve energy and dont move:))))

Still lots of hormones flying around with the dogs,it must be ending soon...........

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Naughty Ali!!

Yes that does say Ali..he absolutely had a field day yesterday trashing his rug!
I brought them in took his rug off and hung it over the stable door to hang up when I was finished brushing him walked away totally forgetting the rug, poo picked and did a few jobs.He'd pulled rug in the stable and obviously had a great time.Luckily he'd only managed to shred the lining and pull out some of the filling so I took a deep breath and drove to my Mum's to get a repair job done.Mum did quite a good job and said she'll get a full sheet of lining in Town and re-line the rug.My own fault really cos he plays with everything but the rug is less than a week old and not a cheap one,he'd already ripped the neck cos he seems to spend half his time rolling in the mud:0
Trouble is ive been spoilt because Polo really takes care of his rugs so ive bought expensives ones knowing they last him for years,AliG is in need of a heavyweight one if they are wintering out but im starting to re-assess the amount i'll be spending on it!

Had nice couple of rides on Polo over the weekend,my brother came out yesterday with all the dogs in tow which was fun. The GSD nearly had me off bouncing out of a bush when Polo wasnt expecting it so he did 180degree spin..well 4dogs is a lot for him to keep track of:)))

Not sure if I mentioned AliG was going through a difficult patch with his feet again but he's been picking them up nicely this week.
He rather bonded to Polo now and shouts whenever we ride or if Polo comes in without him,if Polo is eating out of a hay pile Ali has to eat out of 'that' hay pile too :)

Our field shelter is up and running, we moved all the hay and boarded it out still waiting for the tractor to come out (told you YO takes forever to do anything!) but they still have enough room to get in out of the rain and have been happily using it.M found them both fast asleep in there yesterday morning when she put Ellie out,reckons Polo nearly shot through the roof when she popped her head round:)
Might try and get a few pics of them in it this week....

Thursday, 22 November 2007


Is it ever going to stop raining?!!
I still havent rode Polo so he's getting a long time to recover after his treatment:)The weather doesnt help and ive gone onto waking nights again mid-week due to staff sickness,I dont mind as it earns me more holidays but its' really difficult to switch and reset your body clock so ive had about 4hours sleep today.
I did manage to sort out the shed that YO said we can use,had to move some hay and alter the electric fencing so when we open the gate they can walk straight in, just waiting for him to move his tractor then they can go back out but with a nice spacious shelter to get out of the elements when they want to.
Polo was hilarious when I was getting on with it,he came trotting over to see what I was doing but everytime I move the electric tape or post galloped off snorting and bucking.AliG came strolling over in his own good time to investigate without any excitement or sillyness and guess who tucked in behind him like a wimp?!?!:))
Hopefully tractor will me moved by tomorrow,makes my life so much easier if they can live out during the winter.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Not alot to report!

Polo is having a few days off after his treatment(should be riding him tomorrow) and AliG is having at least a month off until im happy about this pesky splint.Bowen lady put it into perspective and said he's got many years to be ridden so im chilling out about it now!Its not like im keen to ride with this God awful weather..its rained for 3days solid:(
Im relenting and bringing the boys in tonight,hopefully it will only be for a couple of days till it dries up AND we are trying to catch YO about either having a field shelter built or opening up one of the sheds that ajoins our field,his wife tends to make huge issues out of everything so we want to talk to him about it.If we can get that sorted i'll winter them out,our field is very exposed and has no natural shelter so they do get fed up when it rains none stop but if we can get this sorted it would be brill.

Minx and Mouse are coming into season so I have rather randy dogs at the mo,Buster is going to stay with my Mum over night while im at work,I dont trust OH to keep an eye on them:)

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Fit as fiddles.

EMRT(Bowen) lady came today and the verdict was they are both fine and dandy.
I had made the appointment around a month ago when Polo still wasnt 100% during the last couple of weeks he's felt pretty good but thought i'd let the appointment stand just to make sure.She was pretty impressed with how well he looked,infact she said she'd never seen him looking better!He was showing minute signs of atrophy behind his right shoulder previously which has now built back up.
Not sure how much of this is due to the WOW saddle or the fact he'd had alot of lessons and schooling earlier in the year,probably a bit of both. I have felt the saddle needs the air adjusting recently and this is probably why,saddle lady put a bit extra in the atrophy side.
Im digressing a bit but I was chatting to M the other day about when i'd rode AliG in the Fhoenix recently then I got back on the WOW I now much prefer it to the Fhoenix,took a while as I wasnt convinced for ages!
Back to Tracey...she noticed a difference in his demeanour,he's usually very resistant to any kind of treatment at first and there was none of that today.I mentioned he'd had a few weeks on Global restore after all the bute and antibiotics plus the ulcer theory.She was very interested and reckons there was a definate difference in him:)
Anyway she didnt think a treatment was crucial but it wouldnt hurt and would certainly help if there is any slight remaining niggles so I said go for it,he's got to have 3/4days off then back to work.

She then had a good feel off AliG and watched him move and said he's absolutely tiptop no point in doing anything with him.

She gave Ellie a treatment before coming to my two as M couldnt stay,she was quite concerned about the weight issue as they'd talked about this alot in the past.I mentioned that i'd tried to give bits of advice but it doesnt seem to help and I dont want to fall out with her so trying to keep my trap shut.
Tracey said she'l have a word with M next week about it all as she has to come back and see Ellie again.
Its a really difficult situation as M doesnt ride her more than 2/3times a week thinks is cruel to put her out without a rug if its cold or wet when she's got a full winter coat but then clips her fully out and puts a thin sheet on.
Personally I think the later is much more unkind and she hasnt caught a chill is beyond me:(
Believe it or not Ellie was brought in at 11 this morning then M was keeping her in tonight night because the weather forecast is bad,I could tell she wanted me to keep my two in but I said they werent standing in all day then all night and im leaving them out as long as they are happy and well,I put their rugs with necks on and they happily went out to play.

Friday, 16 November 2007


Where does it go? Been really busy this week work it still tough at the minute im working with someone who basically cant do the job so im carrying her which isnt easy when there's only 3of us on in the evening,one being male so he cant help with the girls.So had lots of meetings about it all this week as management have realised they've made a big mistake but are obviously worried about how to get out of it without being taken to a tribunal and me getting fed up and going on the sick:))

Anyway enough moaning and excuses as to why ive not updated or kept track of everyone this week.
The big news is AliG's splint was hot at the beginning of the week,just when I'd started riding him again so ive made the decision to give him a full 4weeks long reining ..nothing but complete rest.Maybe coincidence but he's been difficult picking his front feet up again so im not going to push things.I'd love him to be rideable during my two weeks off a Christmas so reckon if I give him full rest I should be able to start long reining him for a week or two then be riding him little while im off.He was totally unconcerned when I got back on him last week (was it?)after having only been long reining for a while so im happy he isnt going to do anything silly so thats the state of play with him!

Polo's been ridden 3/4 times this week he didnt feel quite right on Wednesday and my gut feeling was he was a bit footy so I put his front boots on today and mmm well yes it was his feet!He was hyper..hyper managed to throw in quite a hefty buck while cantering 'up' a pretty steep hill,any ideas when horse's are meant to start slowing down?:))
I think the footiness its because there's been a fair bit of rain this week but we'll see.
Our lot are still out at the minute they come in for a couple of hours in the morning so Polo can have his sleep:) and are ready to ride. M said yesterday just as she was about to bring them in the horse's from the yard near us were being turned out so Polo decided it wasnt time to coming in a proceeded to gallop around with Ali in tow(I know I said rest!!)...I sometimes wonder who's the youngster!
I cant remember there being this much grass in November before,poo's are still green and they barely touch the hay when they come in,we havent bothered opening the haylage yet.They are looking gleaming and rather too chubby on a small feed of unmolassed sugar beet,alfalfa and Eclipse(linseed/brewers yeast/seaweed)..they've both had the loading dose of Cortaflex now so hope this helps with Polo's joints and AliG's splint.Polo's got some magnetic boots im wondering if they could help with Ali's splint?Could easily swop them between the two...

BTW whats happening on the 5th Claire?

Sunday, 11 November 2007

A possible new star?

..Buster that is:)) Dog talk first.
Mouse didnt get placed tough competition,big class and my showing 'mentor/breeder' said she was carrying a touch too much weight,reckon 2/3 more days and she would have been spot on.At this level you get anything even slightly wrong and wont get placed,im happy she's performing well(was very awkward at first wouldnt stand) and she's had two excellent placings this year qualifying her for Crufts so cant complain:)
Breeder offered to buy Buster on the spot,absolutely loved him and is convinced he's got it all..suggested going into partnership and getting him out as much as possible next year(he's too young at the mo),the entries arent cheap and mount up if you show two but I dont think I'll take him up on the offer.It would mean Buster going up to stay with him for a while and they are first and foremost my pets, I might change my mind if my lack of time and experience hold him back but I doubt it.
He pointed him out to several people and they all REALLY liked him,someone else tried to buy him:)) Buster's dad was there and uncle,they both got second.

Today I was playing catch up on all my etc.
Polo had another day off and AliG had a long reining session,better to go when I can rope someone in to walk with us and didnt have the time to do both.He was extremely forward today I struggled to keep up as times we were out for a nearly an hour and I think he enjoyed every minute of it!
I lifted his bed,made feeds for the week,poo picked and scrubbed out buckets too.

I eventually got round to scanning the pics of Polo jumping in the summer so here they come...he hadnt jumped anything much other than a log in many years so I was impressed,not bad for an old man!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Chips rule and I LOVE my neddies!

Ive had a really hard week at work this week and insomnia has returned with a vengence so was feeling pretty tired and grotty today.I got home from work at ten and had arranged to meet M at lunchtime to ride thought i'd take dogs out then 'try' and have an hour sleep.Try being the operative word,I then got a phonecall to say M couldnt ride 'tried' again for a sleep..still no joy so got up and went up the farm.Took both saddles with me but didnt really have a lot of intention of doing anything.Stopped on the way to farm at the chip shop for some dinner,chip buttie which was yummy and obviously hit the spot because I felt a surge of energy to do something:)
I decided to take AliG in the school,no lunging today got straight on and rode him over,since he hasnt shown any reaction the two times ive ridden him after the break I didnt see the point.Got to the school to find it locked I asked one of the girls what was up she said the key was stuck inside the lock so they were waiting for the owner to come and sort it.Wasnt sure what to do at this point they didnt know how long it would be to get sorted so decided to go out on a short hack!
We went up the lane and other than being nosey and wanderey he was absolutely fine,I cant say enough how chilled and curious he is,its almost indecent how a 3year old be so self assured;)))...NOT that im complaining.
I still dont want to do too much ridden work on hard ground so will keep up the long reining and riding in the school but with the odd short hack thrown in.Im probably being extra carefull but as Caroline is finding when you pay this much money for a horse and they are so fabulous you just dont feel like taking risks!:)
I also rode Polo we went up the lane too but when a bit further AND I took all the dogs,Minx and Mouse are old hands at it but Buster has only been out twice and with my brother on foot.I usually take treats in my pocket when they first start coming out with Polo and every so often call them to his side and throw a treat down when they make eye contact with me,this way I know I have their undivided attention if I need to get them back quickly.Suprisingly after doing this twice Buster had it sussed,I havent credited him being the brightest dog so he suprised me!
Polo is brill with the dogs he watches out for them and will wait patiently while I get them under control.Minx was in heaven as there were rabbits all along the fields so she was in full hunting mode,Buster looks like he may follow in her footsteps as he was off with her unlike Mouse who totally heels Polo and has never shown any interest in hunting.
Smack my wrist and tell me to stop cantering on all the grass verges because no sooner had we turned for home and Polo was off and running.He feels great to ride at the moment totally forward but not crazy with it..usually when he's in forward mode you cant trust him not to throw in a dirty spook or bad buck but at the moment I feel really happy on him.This may sound silly as horse riding is meant to be a pleasure but a lot of the time with him it simply isnt nice but I could feel my irritation and tiredness draining away..weird they didnt pick up on my mood and become silly or agitated instead they changed my mindset completely:))
Ive been wondering if the Ranitidene has kicked in recently he probably hasnt been getting the full or correct does but maybe its been enough?
Just remember to mention when I read Jean's blog a while ago she had found some research which suggested ulcers occur in foals due to lack of milk or early weaning.When I thought about this I remember Polo's mum was a terrible broodmare in that she didnt have much of a bond or interest in him.At one point she had to be taken out of a field with other horses as she kept letting another young mare take Polo off her and he got really confused to which one was mummy,maybe this had an impact(ive always said thats why he's insecure!)..possible?
Early bed for me to catch up on the elusive sleep and dog show for Mouse tomorrow so no horsey 'stuff'.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Someone's feeling better!

Polo that is,rode him yesterday and saying he was fresh is putting it mildly,he wasnt spooky just wanted to GO !We went out with 'his' chick Ellie we had a steady trot on the way out along the edge of a field then went around the Brickworks,not a hugely long ride but works out about an hour.On the way back we usually turn up and canter a small hill then along the grass verge.Im my own worst enemy at times cos he's the type of horse that anticipates then gets over excited but I cant help myself(Hehe).So off he shoots with an attempt to buck which I could feel coming so stopped then I 99% gave him his head with Ellie snorting after him,I couldnt completely let him go as the stretch of grass isnt that long but he didnt half enjoy it!:)
One brilliant thing about him is he always stops when I want him to and will stay back in a steady canter if another horse is taking off out of control.

Today it was AliG's turn so he was long reined to the arena then had a short lunging session.I used the two reins with the outside one over his back and found that so much better(been reading Jean's methods).I havent done a huge amount of lunging or long reining but did prefer to use two then always ended up taking the outside rein off as it was hard to keep it from dropping too low down the hocks,this way worked great though.The control and contact was much better,never thought I'd say this but im really enjoying all this ground work malarky!:)
I then got on for a while and he was fine a bit distracted by all the horse's hanging around the school but no problem.
Muriel asked if AliG was a dominant type i'd say most definately with other horse's(not sure how much of this is due to lingering hormones yet)I would say he has the potential to be with people but A) he's had such a good start his manners are excellent:)) and B)im quite dominant naturally so would hope he wouldnt try it.
Lots of people have had problems handling Polo in the past and when I turn up butter wouldnt melt so think its simply my nature to be like.But on the other hand I have to watch myself not to use dominance and force or be over the top.My old instructor says most people he taught had to be encouraged to be more assertive where as with me I have a tendancy to over do things!

Off topic from the boys..why cant I keep my gob shut?!I get on really well with Eliie's owner, today however I reckon I huffed her a bit but I find it so hard to keep quiet.She's the very fat coloured cob who also happens to have ringbone!Anyway owner treats her like a thin skinned TB, rugging up at the hint of rain or cold etc.Anyway I was hanging over her stable chatting as she was getting her ready to go out and saw her putting these EquiChaps on Ellie.I asked why she was putting them on..reply "to keep her legs warm" :0..well I couldnt stop myself exclaiming "but this is why she's always so fat and the weight is doing far more damage to her joints than her being COLD".
I feel bad now cos im sure I was too sharp but the mare is HUGE and M is always worrying about the weight and feeling insulted when people comment on her size or she does poorly at a show.All summer she'll ask for advice on how to get the weight off but then wont allow the horse do what is natural for her and use the fat up to stay warm in the colder months.AHHH it seems so obvious!But note to self if she mentions weight say "you know my opinion" and then firmly bite tongue.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

..and yet more long reining!

Polo had the day off today and AliG went out for more long reining.
I was going to get on at the end for 10mins but A)forgot to pick up my hat and B) the arena was being used so we just went for a wander.My brother had a bit of a hangover so we didnt go too far and get out on the roads but still went out for forty five minutes or so.There were some 'boy racers' parked along the lane which comes off the fields, on the way back they had moved onto the track AliG walked so close when we passed them I thought he'd take their wing mirror off!
Polo always worries when something is 'there' thats not usually 'there' but Ali seems more interested and wants to investigate..he's such a naturally confident horse.
Im convinced he's happier now that he's getting regular work again.He wanders off in the field when I turn them out without that bored look or as if he's waiting for me to do something with him.
I can see im going to have to keep coming up with new idea's and activities for him or he'll be rolling his eyes at me:)

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Another lovely day

I'd intended on giving Polo the day off as he'd had a long ride yesterday but it was such a nice day I thought i'd be mad not to take advantage of it!
Really pleased I did as we had a lovely ride, only went out for about three quarters of an hour but it was just one of those really good hacks. We walked most of the way,he has a great forward walk when he's not being the chicken and had a lovely steady canter along the grass verge.

Roped my brother into coming out longreining AliG tomorrow so Polo will have the day off.Sure i wont be able to resist getting on him for a little while.:)

Friday, 2 November 2007

I rode him!

Took AliG into the school as it was free for once, I lunged him for 10mins mainly walk with a couple of short trots then got on,as expected he was fine no reaction what so ever!
He felt a bit unbalanced and wandery (if thats a word)but felt better after doing some circles and changes of rein.Its the first time Jo has seen him in the school and she couldnt believe how well he carries himself on such a light contact,its so natural and easy for him.
I only rode for 10mins but was really pleased with him and he seemed happy to be back doing some work like a big boy:))

YO,Jo and myself went out for a nice long ride today also.The weather was lovely so mild and sunny,fabulous for November.We went down by the riverside then came back up the hills,Polo was in good form and we had a little blast up the hill coming home.YO and Jo had a great time as Ellie and the pony were flat out keeping up with him.I can feel he's starting to build his fitness back up still got a way to go yet though.Jo and I have a plan to get him and Ellie fitter over the next couple of weeks then go to Percy Pit which are big fields and hills near my house for a good gallop!;)

Ok pics as requested.......Mouse is on the left Buster in the middle and Minx on the right,cute or what!Buster had to get a size bigger than the girls and he's only 5months.

AliG playing with his feed ball

Seen as im in picture mode this is how Polo prefers to spend his time:)