Monday, 26 October 2009

What a fab day

Did nothing special just lovely not having to rush around as I always seem to be working on a time limit.
Got to the yard late morning brought the boys up,did some poo picking which doubles up as letting the dogs have a run around the field topped up the water and put some hay in the field shelter for later.

First I gave Polo a really thorough brush,his head and neck was caked in mud so got all that off then brushed from top to toe, mane &tail detangler applied and some coat conditioner for good measure. He was gleaming. Then swapped over and it was Ali's turn. Stopped for a break to give the dogs another walk up the lane spotted lots of rosehips so will be heading back there tomorrow to pick them, very good for arthritis and horsey feet.
Got back and trimmed Ali's feet then took him in the school. Physio said to keep riding him so I thought a bit of light schooling in walk should be okay. Its all very odd cos he felt okay not that I did anything in trot or canter. Anyway working on some laterals leg yield- okay,shoulder in - good. He's really struggled to get traver for some reason ive tried off a circle in walk and he just doesnt get it so ive been breaking it down halting him pushing his quarters over,ask for the flexion then ask him to walk on. Ive no idea if this is a correct way to teach him it but today the penny seemed to dropped and we got 4/5 strides in little bursts.I was very pleased with him and have started giving him a treat when he makes a good attempt at something, not clicker as such but when I say good boy and reach for my pocket he knows to reach around for his treat :))
They got fed then turned back out and the dogs had *another* walk, and I made a ginger cake when I got home-holidays are brilliant!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Just when things were going well!

There's a spanner in the works. Lunged Ali through the week and he's not right on the left hind. Its barely noticable in walk,slightly not tracking up in trot but canter looks awful its almost like he's swinging his leg around because he doesnt want to/cant step through:(
Im hoping he's pulled something so the first port of call is the physio who's coming on Wednesday to see him if its not muscular the vet will have to be called out for further investigation. He did rather over exert himself hunting and had a silly spook last weekend shooting forward so im hoping something simple like a pulled muscle but we'll have to see.
Physio recommended to keep lightly riding him in walk and trot only until she gets out so he had a tootle up the road today,not sure if im paranoid but he didnt seem to walk well going up or down the hill from the yard,fine on the flat...grrrr.

Nothing much else to report other that we were at a dog show recently and both boys got 3rd's which i was pleased about as their coats are very untidy and in need of stripping but im trying to hang on until Dec so they'll have nice coats for Crufts. I tried a bit of a tidy up last night, Ted slept through it so I just rolled him over when I needed to get at the other side he is the oddest dog ever!
We have two more shows before Christmas then will have a few months break before we gear up for Crufts in March.
Mouse is finally out of season and home,think my mum was trying to hang onto her as she didnt seem to want to give her back. Mouse is quite the pampered lap dog given the choice which suits my mum.

Winter does seem to have arrived, its been pretty wet and windy lately. Im so pleased to have the shelter up for the boys and my woodburner at home,as are the dogs, its very cosy.
Oh and im now on hols for 2weeks so very pleased about that.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Brilliant morning!

All a bit last minute, but found out yesterday the hunt meet was going to be within hacking distance from our yard so decided it was too good an opportunity to miss so decided to go with Ali.
The meet was for 7.30am so I was up and out before 6 this morning. When I first left for the yard it was pitch black and there was a heavy fog so it all felt a bit odd and gloomy but by the time we were tacked up and all ready to leave the yard after 7 daylight had appeared and the fog cleared.
There were six of us from our yard including me,Vic and another girl from the yard who'd never been before,and several of the horses hadnt been hunted before.
Took us about 20mins to get to the meet and basically once we go there we set straight off.
I rather niavely left Ali in his usual snaffle thinking he'd run out of steam after 5mins-WRONG! Take back everything Ive ever said about him being slow and lazy,he's just never been motivated enough.
We stayed at the back to try and keep out of trouble but everyone was really nice talking to us when they found out we'd not been before.
On the first gallop he took a hold,not too bad but he was keen,we then trotted along the road into the next field where there was a little break then set off for the next gallop,this time I struggled to hold him. Back to walk for a gateway which led straight into another field Ali was bouncing at this point so because the field went up a steep hill. I thought i'd let him go a bit up the hill to settle him BIG mistake as the field levelled off I couldnt stop him at all!
I blasted past another girl from our yard who was howling laughing as I hurtled past shouting "ive got no breaks.....",I did start to panic a bit as the gateway and all the horses waiting to go through it were getting closer and closer and he'd totally set his neck but he eventually came back to me and control was restored.
We headed straight up a really steep hill next so I kept him in walk as I did not want to find out what was on the other side while flat out. :0 There was another 5min stand/rest bit then off again the pace slowed down alot from here so we were able to chat and get our bearings then we realised we were a couple of fields away from our yard and we were heading into the badger set field. We'd been out around an hour and a half,maybe a bit longer and felt that was more than enough for their first time so decided to split off and head home.
I couldnt be happier with Ali, he was so well behaved standing quietly during the breaks,keeping out of trouble and despite the occasional brake failure he felt safe,sensible and balanced.
He definitely enjoyed himself as did I so we will be going again when they are local to our yard again.
Im now sitting infront of the fire watching Horse of the Year Show feeling very tired but pleased as punch that ive got such a fabulous little horse who seems to be able to turn his hand/hoof to anything. Im doing so many new things with him that ive never been able to do in the past and each time he exceeds my expectations and saves his best for when it counts and all at five and a half years of age.