Saturday, 25 October 2008

A rant...

about my YO!!Now there are lots of good things about my yard one has always been the YO tended to keep her nose out and let us get on with things but lately she's been an absolute witch.
A while ago Ali and Polo managed to reach some of her hay bales they mainly burst a few bales but did eat some (which I didnt want as her hay makes the horses cough) I told her they'd done it and moved the hay so they couldnt reach it.Now firstly they had tons of room at the back for the new cut hay but for some reason stacked it right at the front.Bearing in mind last year her young horse was on restricted grazing in the pen and managed to get at the hay you'd think she'd have realised the horses can get at it and put it further in.Im not excusing them eating it but they did do most of the damage when i'd had to strip them off in a tiny paddock using my tall electric fence posts(mainly got the shorter one's) when she decided to bring her friends mare.
Jo told me she slagged me off about it saying she'd had to pull me about it, i'd not offered to pay for the hay and I wasnt bothered.I had all intention of giving her some money for it even though it could have been avoided by stacking it further back in the first place.I ended up clipping her horse for nothing cos she wouldnt take the money saying "oh dont be silly I dont want it":000

M had sent Ellie away to stud this summer after several attempts at AI she was in foal and came home but on her last scan the vet said there was nothing showing so she'd obviously absorbed the foal recently.M was obviously disappointed but the vet did said its been a really bad year for it and they 'think' the weather affects the hormone levels so he thinks its worth trying next year.YO's son broke his neck to come and see M and say "oh well that was a waste of money wasnt it" cheeky little so and so!But he repeats his mother so we could just imagine what she'd been saying to all insundry when she found out.
This is the woman who paid £2000 for a Welsh section foal that was lame when she went to see it and has the most crooked legs you could ever see and has been lame ever since!

A few weeks ago she was complaining to M she has to have a stable for Jo's pony even though Jo doesnt pay her for it.The farm actually belongs to YO's hubbys father who is old and found it too much to manage anyway Jo has known the family for years and pays her livery to the old man rather than our YO..this obviously rankles her hugely.Plus the 'stable' as a tiny old pig pen that isnt high enough for anything over 12hands AND he's only actually had two nights in it when we had the floods!

She's excelled herself today with her comments to M though.
It has always got her back up that we use the arena over the road as she hates the guy who owns the livery yard.He's done nothing to her she is just absolutely eaten up with jealousy because she had wanted to buy one of the fields next to the farm but he bought them all and open the livery yard.
She has put objection in after objection to the plans so was furious they went ahead apparently there have been complaints about the traffic and horse boxes on the lane (mm wonder who from) so now the arena is only allowed to be used by people who are actually based on his yard ..well this is what she told M. He never charges rental for the school and is pretty generous letting different people use the school including the kids pony club so thats all got to stop despite the fact they used to have the pony club at the top of the same lane but in a field.
Anyway M said she was positively gleeful in telling her we wouldnt be able to use the school,what an absolute cow.
Im not taking any notice as yet until ive spoken to the livery yard owner as far as im concerned I dont drive up the lane to use the school but to get to our farm and he doesnt charge anything for me going in so can anyone stop and 'friend' from using their facilities?
Im livid can you tell.The thing that gets me the most is she's complaining about the traffic, disturbance and how things arent done legitimately yet when the new girl moves onto our yard she will have 7 horses there on livery (not including her own) with 5 people coming to and fro plus they have a garage work shop on the farm,none of which is declared, PLUS her OH doesnt work but has lots of 'fiddle' jobs on the go!
The upshot of this all is im seriously considering moving the horses.I dont really want to cos the yard is close to home lots of off road riding and I can winter them out but if I cant use the arena I cant have lessons, I cant school my young horse plus im up to my back teeth of this woman at the minute.
Im not rushing in im going to have a think and see if things settle down but will put the feelers out to see whats out there.Im obviously restricted in that I cant been somewhere that does a lot of roadwork for Polo (not that i'd want to be anyway)
plus i'd be better with a field to myself due to the horny natures of my two:))

Sorry its soooo long but I just cant see why anyone has to be so bloody horrible all the time it makes me mad!

Ps No horsey news as its been blowing a gale all day haha!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Travel sickness.

Both the little fella's have terrible travel sickness I took them for a little run out a few days ago and i'd barely got to the end of the street and they were puking..lovely!It has to be hereditary Mouse was really bad for the first 6months my friends have reported the other two pups are the same,Minx has always been great as were her pups,:0
For the past few days ive been putting them in the car for short spells with the engine running feeding them ginger snap biscuits,ginger is meant to be good for sickness and it seemed to help Mouse so worth a try.

My shifts have been all over the place this week doing two days and one 'normal' night so ive not done too much other than a hack with AliG.
Its blowing a gale today so I thought i'd pass just ended up clipping the YO's pony.
My two are still unrugged but think i'll rug Polo this weekend and have a crack a clipping Ali and rugging him he's like a ball of fluff,he's never been done before as far as im aware so will have to see what he makes of it.Im dying to see what colour he'll be underneath:)

Not sure if I mentioned it but Minx is helping to bump up my vet bill again.She hurt her paw last weekend,not sure if she caught it on something or Ellie stood on her?Anyway she had a deep cut on her pad plus the vet said she may well have broken toe as it was extremely sore but because the course of action would be the same there was no point xraying.My mum and brother took her up for a dressing change yesterday while I was at work, by all accounts its looking good im taking her for a dressing change tomorrow and have booked the 'boys' in for their first injections.

Im off work now for a week and a half..hurray:)))))))))))))))

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Then there was two:(

The've been gone a couple of hours and its remarkable how empty the house seems,im sad but a bit relieved too as they were becoming a handfull.
I'll make you wait at little to see who stayed cos im feeling cruel!:)

Horse news ive gone from one extreme to the other and Ali's had 4hacks this week nothing really to report as he was a good boy.He still had a ears back moment at that 'bogey' spot yesterday but with firm forward riding he hasnt done anything other than pin them for a few strides then they pop up then pin again.Still cant work out why he does it 'there'(hasnt done it anywhere else for months) but it lasted a minute tops then he was fine...strange.
Today I received a phonecall from YO to say when M had arrived at the yard this morning she found AliG charging around the yard snorting.
Well I now know for certain Ali has a decent jump in him for some reason he'd jumped the five bar gate out of the pen! At first I thought he'd done it to get to Ellie as yesterday he'd shown a bit of interest in her when she was in season but if that was the case he'd have gone round to her stable not run around the yard like a headless chicken.So I reckon he'd gone to the gate to wait, they know what time they come in so hang about around then something spooked him and he leapt the gate M said Polo was very wound up too.
I have to say im impressed its a big gate going uphill and the pens pretty small so he couldnt have gotten a run at it..Caroline fancy an Andy eventer?:))

Okay i'll put you out of your misery my cute girl and the large light dog........... went tonight:(((
Peter surprised me I was convinced he'd go for the blue dog and the large dog.He had a good look at them and watched them move then popped two in the box and said these are the two I think are the best he picked the blue dog which wasnt a surprise but he also loved the smaller dog.
His thought on the blue dog were he potentially has as good a head as Buster(high praise)he has tight smallish feet so he doesnt think he'll be as big as Buster which is good and he liked the way he moves.
The smaller pup is very different but Peter thought he had nice lines when he moved,loved his rich colour and think's his head is extremely good although different from the blue dog.
Basically he said if he had to pick a dog to take home today he'd take the blue as he's pretty certain he's the 'one' but if I can hang onto them both a bit longer he'll get the lady who showed him the ropes to take a look too.
Luckily we've got a show in two weeks in Scotland so the pups can have a trip out in the car and they can take a look then.
I'd put a advert up in Farmway at Hexham last weekend but havent advertised anywhere else so unless I get interest from there i'll wait a couple of weeks.
Peter was full of praise for the condition of them all he said I make an excellent job of it as Minx's pups were the same.I reckon looking after the mummys is the secret plus the steak, chicken,sausages and scrambled eggs Mouse had when she wouldnt eat probably didnt hurt:))
He said again he thought I should move Buster up into the next classes because Buster is such a mature well developed dog for his age this is something we'd discussed a while back.I kind of wanted him to have the allowances which are given in the younger classes but to be honest he's so brilliant in the ring he probably doesnt need it.
Anyway ive now got five dogs on the settee with me,im the one hanging off the end!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Holidays are coming...

and its a good job im so busy at the minute.Break up on Friday,well sort of.Im going to be working one night as its assessment week for new students up to now we only have two coming into residence so if it stays like this i'll only have to work one night and im off all of the following week too!:))

I actually rode a few times last week shocking but true:))
Alig had a session in the longreins in the school which he was a good as ever.
I also did a short lunge session then rode last Friday.I was really pleased he hasnt gone backwards despite not having a lot of work under saddle recently it proves the work on the longlines is effective and doing the job.
Yesterday we went out for hack he was very sensible leading past a tractor,he did have a very short spell when he pinned his ears I just rode him firmly and he snapped out of it and was fine for the rest of the time.It does seem like he gets to a point then decides he's done enough but it was more like a token protest and he didnt for one minute feel like he was going to escalate it and go up.We had a fab canter along the verge heading home very bouncy and forward it is a nice feeling to ride a horse that you 'know' isnt going to drop a shoulder and spook.:)

Its decision day for the pups on Saturday breeder is coming down for a show so will come and give me his opinion im pretty certain he'll love the blue dog but half of me is hoping he goes for the girl..she is far too cute and cuddly.
However it would mean disappointing friends who have their heart set on her.Thats the one saving grace here I know where she's going and will be able to see her,still tough so not cut out for this breeding malarky!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Just call me lucky.

What is it with me at the mintue if there's the possibility of something going wrong it will and is.
My saddle eventually arrived so sent off to ride Ali on Sunday wasnt till I got on the saddle I thought something's missing here..knee rolls! I had a feeling there was something missing when I unpacked the saddle but the penny didnt drop till I sat on it, some are on the way.

Ali was very good on the hack but incredibly lazy he's definitely a horse that needs to be kept semi fit to have any oomph ive never encountered this before certainly not with Polo.
I took Polo for a short hack to see how he was doing its hard to explain but he felt a bit stilted to begin with but then loosened up and felt freer.He was pretty good in that hurried manic way of his after a lay off they realy are like chalk and cheese.Although AliG is more trainable,sane and safe sometimes im not sure if he's for me I find it hard work riding a horse that isnt forward and for all of Polo's hang ups and unpredictability he is very forward.
Hopefully i'll be able to get more time in the saddle and resume our lessons with D it definitely was making a difference but at the minute it wouldnt be fair to expect him to work hard for an hour when he's unfit.

Today i'd planned of longlining AliG in the school but when I got there I noticed he had a swollen hot area on his chest/lower neck area-GREAT!
Not sure if ive mentioned it on the blog but he's had a few of these hot lumps on his bum sporadically over the past few months after a few days it goes back to normal then the hair falls off.I thought after the last time it was the fly spray but ive not used anything lately,they are itchy too.Ive washed it and thickened it in Aloe vera gel, this is what I did to the others lumps,will see what its like tomorrow then decided whether the vet needs to come out.It looked less swollen this afternoon from the morning so hopefully it'l be fine but it might need further exploration if it keeps happening to see whats causing it?!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Show report :)

It poured down all the way to the show and back luckily it was an indoor venue but it did take much longer to get there than i'd thought because of the wet roads.
Buster got fourth which I was pleased about as I always struggle to get placed at the breed club shows he was very good again, think he really has this showing malarky sussed!
I still find it hard to get my head around how several members of the committee can abandon their particular role to show their dogs,I find it baffling,suprisingly (not) they were all 'well' placed:))
There was a lady who'd judged us a few weeks or so ago showing one of her pups in minor puppy,poor thing was terrified eyes bulging in a total panic meanwhile she was determindly trying to make it stand up which involved holding its backend up by the tail!
I felt really sorry for it and was getting seriously annoyed with her.The pup looked like it had never been anywhere before and had seen nothing,none of my dogs have ever acted like that its always been a case of controlling their boisterousness in the beginning.Not a good example of how to show and handle you dog never mind her being a judge a surely supposed to set and example.

I was much later getting back than i'd thought due to the weather but doubt i'd have entertained doing anything with the boys so they got fed and turned back out.The good news is despite my lack of doing anything with them they are slimming down slowly but surely ive not rugged them up to now and am going to hang on a bit longer yet.

Hopefully ive outwitted the pups by heightening the box tonight this time with wood ........

Friday, 3 October 2008

What next!

I'll make it quick as I need to go to bed cos ive got a show tomorrow so an early start.
Had get the blumming vet out on Monday as when I got to the farm AliG's eye was completely closed,no idea what he'd done but I didnt want to risk it.
Vet was worried about uveitis,which had been my first thought,as it looked like he'd walloped it on something,pressure building up and a knock can start this off so he had to have two lots of eye drops 4times a day.
Luckily its back to normal and he's fine and dandy.

Ive done bog all with them this week due to the pure tiredness on my part,I need to get myself kick started again soon!

Puppies are doing great they are all now escaping from the box my dad made and my attempts to make it higher have been destroyed:0
They've just had their supper and been outside to do their 'business' so hopefully will settle down soon so I can go to bed!!