Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Yikes its blowing a gale!

Wow its really windy today,the plan was to go in the school but when we went over it was booked for lessons all morning so we went out for a hack instead. Now Polo isnt usually any spookier in the wind but it was more than windy today so I wasnt entirely confident we'd return at the same time:0
Marina said why not go around the fields (Ali's long reining fields) so I was feeling even less optimistic,open fields usually = several bucks and taking off ,but I said we'd give it a go.He was on his toes for the first 5/10mins but didnt feel like he was in spook mode so we ended up having a nice ride we had a good long trot which always helps settle him,I did feel like I was going to get blown off him at one point though;)
AliG had a relaxing day,im toying with having a short ride in the school on him on Friday but still not sure if its a bit too soon, the splint is a fair size and although Jo thought it was slightly smaller yesterday she reckoned it looked like it had 'changed' shape slightly if that makes sense?

Buster's little coat came this morning the girls have one for when its cold and they get locked in the stable when I ride..i'll have to take a picture they are like mini horse rugs and look so cute!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Bit of road work.

Jo managed to free herself this morning so text to say she could come out with AliG for his long reining.Decided to walk along the lane and hit the roads today,he seemed totally unfazed when I was riding him but that was alongside another horse so thought it was time to see what he's like by himself.He was unsettled going out calling for his pals and when we passed other horse's in the fields but it didnt affect his behaviour and he was his usual sensible self.He had one spook at the corner of the lane as an old woman was feeding the donkeys over the fence,dont think he could work out what was going on plus the sun was really low so doubt that helped matters.He tried to turn but I stopped him no problem then Jo went infront and led him past to show him it was ok.He was absolutely fine on the roads dont think traffic will be a problem for him but I want to do more,just a pity we've got to walk for a about a mile along the lane to get to the busier road!
I now have a huge blister on my foot where my boots have had a hole in the insole and rubbed so im hobbling around and also got a headache with squinting in the sun..the things you do eh!
Polo had the day off today.

Monday, 29 October 2007

What an annoying morning!

I promised I'd take my mum up to the vets with her recently aquired German Shepard dog for his vaccinations so I made the appointment for 9.40 am thinking I'd get up and down in an hour then ride and hopefully longrein Ali.
Ended up taking all morning cos the vet was running late,one of the reasons why I use this vet is he takes his time and doesnt act like its all about money(he was fantastic when Minx had to have her ceasarian) but it does tend to mean he's always running late. I then had my Mum panicking cos she couldnt find her house keys,luckily she found them still in the lock at the front door even more luckily no one had discovered them and burgled the house:0
I got some sedatives for Minx while I was there,she's terrified of fireworks so these should help with Bonfire night,trouble is they are going off already!

Time I got to the yard Jo was tacked up waiting for me so I quickly got Polo ready and went out for an hour,he nearly had two spins on me but its windy and he was good for the rest of the way so i'll let him off this time.
Didnt have time to long rein cos im back to work today ;(, im trying to find a 'walker' for tomorrow to come with us but im struggling up to now cos everyone seems to be busy or working...why cant I win the lottery {sigh} work does kind of get in the way of things I want to do;))

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Well he suprised me;)

Polo collected his 'mate' from the yard today and he was sensible throughout the whole ride!
My friend couldnt get her horse off the yard mind even following Polo so her YO ended up leading her off .What a pain this horse is,he's genuinely not scared of anything just completely spoilt rotten he just says "er not today thanks!" and my friend and her niece(who actually owns him) are too scared to get after him.I wouldnt have the patience im afraid, at least I know when Polo has a hissy fit he genuinely 'thinks' he's scared:)))

Not much else horsey to report AliG got fed and brushed then I turned them out without rugs on as it was such a nice day,went back up at 4 to put them on..dark nights I hate them!;(

Oh I met the girl who took Minx's other pup at the beach today,its the second time we've met up since she took him. Harvey gets really excited when he sees my gang,Buster had a bark at him then remembered who he was after that they ran around for over an hour playing in the sea and digging in the sand.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

More Long Reining!

AliG had another long reining session, we went out for about three quarters of an hour and he throughly enjoyed himself.The only problem we have (if you can call it that)is he spends half the time with his nose on the ground!He literal sniffs everything he sees its not that he's being greedy and trying to eat he just sniffs leaves,rubbish and other horse's poo's im wondering if I should put side reins,not to hold him in an outline(he does that perfectly well himself {she says smugly}).... just to keep his nose off the ground?
It was a bit windy and he had a spook at someone rattling around on the otherside of the fence which is perfectly understandable(in the nudist bit..ahem) but just froze for a moment..looked...thought ..then carried on,you can really see this horse using his brain its fab!
I lifted his bed and put some of the disenfectant down that I bought from the Simple Systems supplier,it smells absolutely gorgeous and hangs around for days,expensive but very concentrated so lasts for ages.
Polo had the day off, he loves a couple of hours in the stable to sleep I barely get him through the door and he's down catching some zzz! So he just chilled for a while with his magnetic boots on looking smug as it was Ali's turn to work.He's looking really well again which is great and the swelling has pretty much gone from his side so it obviously needed one more lancing.
Its funny but when you turn them out Ali hangs around at the gate,he'll stay there until you walk away from him brother was laughing saying he doesnt want to go out cos he doesnt like the cold coming from Spain!

Tomorrow im riding with my friend,she's got the horse who doesnt like to leave its yard so im going to collect her..should be 'interesting' with Polo's present mood!;00

Friday, 26 October 2007

Work this one out if you can... is it that ive had a week off work and yet I seem to have less time?!?!Anyway thats my excuse for not keeping the blog updated:))))
Trying to think what we've been upto this week its all a bit of a blur to be honest.I'll start with AliG as he's done less and goes without saying is 'Mr Perfect' so less to report!
Well AliG has had a couple of long reining session's this week with my brother and dog in-tow.On Monday we went into 'our' usual stubble field to find tractors ploughing it (how inconsiderate of them), so we turned round to come back out when one of the idiot drivers followed us out the field he came far to close but Ali didnt react other than a tiny little jump,Polo would have freaked.We then detoured up the lane past the neighbours house with the little dog that ambushes all the horse's ,no reaction,past the horse's in the fields who got really excited to see a horse being long reined so started bucking and galloping round the fields.Well AliG at this point lost the plot and.....................hehe did I get you? well obviously there was no reaction!
Just thinking maybe its not the long reining that seems to excite the other horse's it could be the fact he's sooo lush?!?
Hopefully roping brother in to help again tomorrow I wanted to have a couple of short sessions in the school this week with him but all the kids have been off so the arena has been in use everytime I pass plus his splint looks a bit bigger to me so thought best not(sure its not just my eyes).

Polo's been ridden most days which he thinks is extremely unfair,dont think the fact Alig gets his feed ball with treats in helps,it keeps AliG happy when he's left in by himself;).
Oh and Polo's going into manic mode again for some reason;(.
Im not ruling out the ulcer because although he's been getting the Ranitidene I dont think he's getting enough(works out so expensive) so im going to order the human omprazole and try this ,might as well pay for the good stuff to give it a proper chance of success.Ive also read on IHDG someone made up a herbal ulcer treatment they were recommended with good success so its something to look into if I see results.
It could also be that im 'trying' to take it easy with him and he needs more work,today we had a shortish route planned but he was just acting like a spooky nutter on the way out so we took a de-tour coming back up the hills and had a bit of a blast.I know probably shouldnt but he feels sound on half a bute every other day and I cant see the point in letting him escalate things and kill me :0 ... he walked home on a loose rein no more shying.
Polo had his feet done yesterday,im so pleased with them he actually has proper frogs now which I never thought would happen.I barely have to think about his feet other than monthly trimming and the odd spray with Cider vinegar/tea tree oil so thats cool;)
I also clipped his neck and chest out yesterday,just a really low one cos he's been sweating quite a bit,Ali watched all this with interest.

Right thats me updated for now..trimmed my mates 4horses today too so ready for a hot bath.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Were does the time go!?!?

I havent updated since Monday!

All these extra hours at work and having two horse's doesnt leave much time for anything else at the moment...and im feeling pretty tired.But im off for a whole week now so that should give me time to get some decent nights sleep and rest ,well thats the theory ive got some decorating I want to do while im off;)

Rode Polo several times this week,one day in the school.He felt a bit rubbish and stiff so I did loads of walking,leg yield,turn on he forehand etc to start with then a bit of trot work.He spotted a tiny plastic bag blowing around outside the school so started fixating on this trying to shoot off up the school!'Killer bag' eventually landed in the school I let him sniff it (with much snorting) but he continued to spook at it so I did lots of circles around the 'killer bag' gradually getting him closer and still working in a semi-sane way,without him trying to shoot away.So in the end he worked longer and hard than i'd intended but I figure if he can spin and shoot up the school he's not feeling that bad!

Had a longish hack on him yesterday all in walk,we came up a steep hill heading towards home and as usual Polo powered his way up.Im a bit confused actually as the vet reckoned he'd struggle with hills as he'd have to use his hocks didnt seem like they were causing him any pain thoug ,he's on one bute every other day now so not a huge dose that would make him seem better than he is I dont reckon?

Today I rode Polo first,my brother came with my dogs and his GSD.Minx and Mouse were very excited as they havent been out with Polo for ages,Buster stayed on the lead with my brother as this was his first 'proper' going out with the horse.We went into the fields where I long rein AliG then down a lane which leads you to a track which runs between two field.I rode down the track on Polo (with Minx and Mouse following) told my brother to turn back half way as we'd canter back up to the top.Its a really good canter place for Polo as he's enclosed on either side by a hedge so no spooking a shooting sideways across an open field,which is his usual course of action!:0

Well as soon as I turned Polo he leapt up off all fours,head down and bucked,obviously sensing the gallop opportunity,I pulled his head up grabbed a lump of mane and kicked him on.He took off like a bat out of hell ,I had to scream at my brother to get out of the way as we were up on him so quickly I thought we'd mow him down.Polo usually has excellent brakes but today he was just off, pity the track wasnt longer or I could have let him go properly;)

He was very on his toes after but walked home reasonably sensibly,it wasnt what i'd intended as im 'trying' to build him back up but he obviously feels good enough in himself and wants more fun..none of this 'walking' malarky:))))

AliG hasnt done a huge amount this week as ive had no-one to help me longrein him but he got his feet trimmed and was ALOT better behaved.The trimmer said he has fantastic,hard feet with lots of concavity but the heels have come back up a bit so im going to keep taking them down every couple of weeks so they dont bounce back up inbetween trims.

AliG had a longreining session today,we are both really enjoying it!He was feeling rather fresh so we had two short trots which was fun,im just pleased he doesnt trot like Polo or i'd never keep up:0.A bird flew out on him when we were having the second trot which could have been dodgy but he never spins just does a semi stop then carrys on.I reckon he's going to be a very brave boy to hack out on as he really 'thinks' about things and doesnt just react plus all this longreining is bound to give him lots of confidence in being out by himself(not that I think that was ever going to be an issue with him).

They are both out without their rugs on as its been a lovely sunny day but im going back up late to put them on as its really cold over night.

Monday, 15 October 2007

A good couple of days.

Everyone seems to have settled down nicely over the past few days, there was a definate distance between AliG and Polo after the Ellie 'incident'.Polo had been pretty much ignoring Ali and they werent grazing near to each other but today they had a chat over the stable wall and were close again when grazing.

Polo has had a couple of reasonably sedate rides(for him) since the vet came out,he obviously has the token spooks!;)Today we were out with the YO on her pony and Jo on Ellie he was torn between leading, which he usually does but then worrying about the pony getting near to Ellie so kept grinding to a halt waiting to check nothing was going on then walking on again.He also pretended a leaf rustling was soooo terrifiying he just had to try and take off which just happened to be across a field heading home!
AliG was long reined on Fri with Jo's help problems.
He looked really bored over the weekend actually when I turned him out Sunday he hung around at the gate while I finished off jobs as if to say 'well come on Ive done nothing today',he only walked off when I got in my car and started the engine...seems like the boy has a work ethic unlike someone else I know:0 Might ride him in the school tomorrow if its free.
Long rein AliG today as well, he was brill again.. even when some horse's started charging around the field we were going past,they seemed to find a horse being long reined and not ridden terribly exciting!?!
Tomorrow he's getting his feet trimmed again im hoping now that he's picking his feet up nicely he'l be easier on the poor woman.I have rasped twice since the first trim,his heels were so high and loads of flare on the hinds she didnt want to do too much in one go, when they are in balance I might take over and do them myself along with Polo's..its just finding the time!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Busy Bee.

Well ive been pretty busy today!Finished work this morning and went to collect our new electric fence gear and some shavings I get these free from hubby's friend who has his own joinery business saves a good bit of money,shavings are so expensive!
Came home collected dogs then went up farm to meet Jo who said she'd walk out while I long rein AliG.He was fab again seems to really enjoy it and walks out really well no help needed from Jo but I think its a good idea to have someone with us 'just incase' while its new to him.
I might start riding him in the school a couple of times next week combine this with two longreining sessions until im 100% happy with his leg.I think this is the ideal for now,the school work will be on soft ground and I'll keep it short and steady and he's still getting out and about with the long reining without me on him while working on harder ground.
I then sorted out Ellie's paddock,we bought a new energiser for this cos the existing one is already going around the whole field to avoid more incidents with barewire so we thought its probably working to its maximum. Also bought some higher post for Ellie's paddock incase AliG cant contain his lust for Ellie:)...that seems to be on the wain anyway thank god!
So Ellie is now back out with the boys in her re-inforced strip.
I then turfed out both of their stables,new shavings etc.

I had all intention of riding Polo but it was getting on a this point and I'd only had 3and a bit hours sleep the day before so was flagging by this point.His lumps have gone down loads but his legs are a bit filled but less than yesterday,he's going to be wearing his magnetic boots while in the stable. Tomorrow im just going to take him out for a plod..ahem..well thats the plan unless 'he' has other ideas then go on the Echinecia hunt.

Incidentally im finding it really weird that im needing less sleep and an hour or two seems to be recharging my batteries.
I felt more tired Tuesday after having 5/6hours on my sleep in whereas I moved onto my waking nights WedmI couldnt sleep at all throught the day then went through till Thurs afternoon having 3&half hours and have had an hour this afternoon.
Dont get me wrong I feel tired but im still able to get on a do my normal stuff...I am craving rubbish food though:(
Wonder how long the body can keep this up..will it reach burn-out or do the short sleeps do enough to keep you going?

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Bit of a mixed bag!

Well....shock horror..AliG aint perfect after all :0
If you remember Ellie broke into the field with him and Polo a few days ago ,everyone was fine and they'd all be in together for a month Ellie just getting stripped off because she was getting too much grass so nothing to write home about.
Ellie came into season a few days ago and Ali has been rather interested but fine and managable just bit of shouting and 'bits' hanging out etc.
Marina went up to put some hay in for Ellie in her bare paddock Tuesday evening and he somehow managed to get past her into Ellie's bit,they then both ran past her again and escaped into the big field!
Marina said Ali was trying always to have his wicked way and Ellie was very happy with the attention!She tried for over an hour to catch Ellie who kept running away with Ali so went and asked the YO's hubby for help, they eventually caught Ellie but as they were leading her out AliG managed to squeeze out the gate THREE TIMES so she put Ellie in the nearest stable and you guessed it Ali squeezed in there with her too!
I have to say I couldnt for the life of me work out how he managed to get past them that many times ,im afraid i'd have got a whip or a brush and walloped him after he'd barged past the first time that type of behaviour is a danger to him and other's.Having said that I dont think he was being out and out naughty it was just the smell of Ellie and the lingering hormones but it still doesnt excuse what happened and mean he should be allowed to get away with doing it.
Anyway it all sounded a bit crazy so Alig and Ellie are going out at opposite times for the next few days until she comes out of season,we may have to strip the field in half for the winter until all the hormones are gone but will wait and see how they go when Ellie rejoins them.They were all absolutely fine in together before and they've are right next to each other in the field now so im very suprised it's all happened now.
Its funny but Ali so knew he was in bother when I got to the farm lets just say keeping his head down was an understatement,I brushed him, picked his feet up to test him and he did everying immediately with a sheepish look in his eye..well least he had the decency to know he'd done wrong!Funny but Polo' like that too,when he's done something silly or naughty he really grovels for attention afterwards:)
Guess what Polo did during it all??Kept out the way and watched I KNEW he wasnt 100%:))

Which leads us on to today.The vet came out and I was quite suprise with her findings but it makes sense.I explained he wasnt quite right,terrible to school and just didnt feel completely sound so she had a look at his side said there was a little bit of puss still there to get out but not that bad to account for what I was describing.So watched him trot up and down and reckons he has a touch of arthritis in his hocks with his right one being slightly worse.She thinks it a combination of him having time out of work,putting weight on,loss of fitness/condition and simply his age!She feels said its very slight and is sure once he gets back into work and fitter he'l be back to normal ..I suppose he's never shown any signs of aging before so I felt rather sad about it;(
She wants him on bute for a while to get him loosened up and mobile then hopefully reduce this down to only if and when I think he needs it..Caroline you still got any of your DIY stuff?
Im going to get my Bowen lady out next week,vet thought it would be really beneficial to him and ive got to track down some Echinacia (place I bought it from in the past doesnt have any now).
To top things off he'd broken out in loads of lumps and swellings all over his body, put a clean rug on that i'd washed and the detergent must have irritated him(he's had these reactions in the past),its the same one as usual but bless him I think his immune system must be a bit challenged at the moment.
Oh had a chat about AliG's splint and she agreed rest then when its completely cool and hard start work again but thinks a couple of longreining sessions on soft ground wouldnt do any harm.

So Polo is to have gentle work with a long warm up,bute and Bowen..AliG is getting his cream on his leg and a couple of longreining sessions a week.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Long reining and PICS!

Nothing horsey Saturday other than feed and poo pick. Didnt get anywhere at the dog show which I'd expected cos her coat isnt 100% right,having said that it is a very clicky show and ive never once been placed there but its on my doorstep so may as well go.

Rode Polo on Sunday and he was pretty good,got a bit wound up coming home cos he 'thought' he could see something about to eat him but pretty chilled for him.He on the Ranitidene for the moment ,I cant find anywhere you can buy the Ulcerguard etc over here but I think Ive found somewhere I can buy the human version, just going to be working out the dosage that'l be the hard part!
Ali had a brush and feet picked out(good again).

Today I rode Polo in the school,I put the pelham in to see how he went and he was definately softer but I still dont think he's quite right.Im going to ring the vet tomorrow to see if they can come have a look and possibly get him some physio,he didnt half hit the fence and I reckon walloped his side on a post so there could be more underlying damage than just the abscess.Its gone through the insurance now anyway so a few physio sessions will just get added on that too.

AliG got longreined today,I was expecting him to be a bit silly because he's done nothing for a week and a half and has been,well lets just say feeling the weight of himself since Ellie broke in with him and Polo(she's now in season).
He was a star your getting sick of me now:) but he really enjoyed it.Marina walked alongside him at his head to start with then unclipped him because he was fine and listening to me.He walked out really well so im going to do this for the next week or two so he's not missing out on work but isnt getting the strain on his leg with me not on his back.Poor Marina nearly keeled over trying to keep up,she does have asthma and a bit of arthritis :0 so ive roped Jo into helping me tomorrow. are probably at the top but anyway they are 'there' somewhere.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Breaking out.

..Ellie that is!She broke out of her bare paddlock into the field with the boys last night,Polo was delighted and im sure he had some 'fun' with her he wouldnt let AliG anywhere near her,Ellie came in licking her lips:)

Had a schooling session with Polo yesterday..god he was terrible!Seems like we are back to square one with him having that long break,resistant,rushing,unable to bend:0 needless to say it wasnt pretty but he didnt strop once so think we have that side of things sorted.I do wonder sometimes whether its worth going through this I reckon his breeding makes it so difficult for him but he 'can' do it and when he's going nicely he knocks people socks off just takes alot of regular sessions to get him there.I know physically its beneficial for him to be working more correctly but whenever he has a break we have to start all over again.
I did wonder if some of it was due to the fact he could hear Ali shouting made him less focused?we could hear Alig for the whole time we were away, whenever we've been out Ali is always covered in shavings so I think he has a roll in a bit of a paddy!

Had a short ride to day around the stubble fields this tends to blow Polo's mind but he was really good today only getting a bit excited when we turned for home.
Ali had a good brush and picked his feet up pretty quickly too which is good news.
Debating whether to lead Ali out for some walks as he's getting rather porky,he has filled out a lot in general his chest is much wider than when he first came and his butt is fuller now too but its the waistline thats had the biggest growth!
I dont want to do too much as the splint def has a bit of heat in it and annoyingly looked a bit bigger today (that could just be me) but walking out in hand should be okay...what do you reckon?

Dog show tomorrow with the Mooster,not expecting anything her coat isnt right but it should be in much better for the November show.May aswell go as its on the doorstep for a change and Buster can come to have look around..just hope he doesnt bark at everything that his latest response to EVERYTHING..boys {sigh}.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dentist time.

Polo,AliG and Ellie had their teeth done yesterday.
Ali was no problem,suprise suprise :)the dentist said they were a bit sharp but not too bad,she was very admiring of him.Polo as usual had to put up a fight,he lifted me off my feet a one point but got done in the end...I always know when he's not right if he doesnt put up his token resistance!

Didnt do alot today cos ive switched onto waking nights again for the rest of the week so needed some sleep(got about 4hours)..they both got a brush and AliG picked his feet up no problem so I was pleased.
Its lovely to watch them in the field now Ali follows Polo around like a puppy and looks like he wants to eat the same blade of grass as Polo:))
...must get some pics soon.
My friend got some excellent pics of Polo jumping in the summer..not me riding him im afraid!He hadnt jumped for about 6years other than the old log or stile, I wasnt that brave but he looks amazing on the pics clearing them by a mile and making a lovely shape.He has a natural ability and really enjoys it just a shame he's always been so silly when we went anywhere or he could have done more im sure.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Still not 100%

Ive still got a lingering migraine today so feel a bit hungover and yucky but rode Polo and did the usual jobs.Im sure his side is flaring up again,its leaking a bit and he just doesnt seem quite right but we'll see how he goes.Im going to get him some Echinacia tomorrow to give his immune system a boost so hopefully things will settle down.
My friend has some 'stuff' from Crossgates that they made up for her horse when he had a splint so she's going to dig it out for me to give to Ali,its drops in to take orally and a lotion to rub on.Worth a try AND its free..hey Caroline your starting to rub off on me!:)

My sister came to see AliG today with my little niece who's a year and a half.She was a bit wary of the horse's at first more interested in chasing the dogs,mainly Minx cos she'l stand and let her do whatever!I went in to brush and tack Polo up when my sister said look at Ericka, niece was lying flat on her stomach looking under the stall guard so she could see what I was doing,wish i'd got a picture it was so cute.

Anyway Polo was good again but determind not to let Jo's old boy anywhere near Ellie everytime he got too far infront he put the breaks on waited for the other two then squeezed in between,think he misses her cos she's stripped off on a bare paddock to try and lose some!:)