Monday, 26 January 2009


Hacked AliG out with my friend yesterday and today.She's in the process of doing groundwork and longlining with her unbacked mare and is now at the stage of venturing out and about and you guessed it Ali is the chosen 'sensible' companion for her!:)
Today he was walking out wonderfully, really striding out, I dont think I had to push him on other that when we stopped for cars and he half heartedly asked to turn for home but then got straight back into his stride.It felt like a 'proper' horse walk if that makes sense now it could be a fluke but i'd like to think not and the longlining is working:0
How many four&a half year olds would take on the role of nannying so fabulously,think he's earned the day off tomorrow.
Ive bought him a turnout hood as his mane is being rubbed away with the rugs and he needs a loving flowing mane if we are going to do the show in August,my friend's OH reckons he looks like batman will have to get pics he looks cute but embarrassed;))
Polo had another foot soak today as he has a bit of thrush, hardly surprisingly with all this mud, its the giggle of the yard that he'll stand quietly with two feet at a time soaking in buckets of borax.

Tomorrow ive got some sorting to do of my storage area ive been given a few pallets to get everything up off the ground,its now known as Aladdins cave as I have soooo much 'stuff'.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Walking and more walking

Ive put some miles in today!
This morning I met my friend at the beach,the one who has Busters brother and the little dog pup,we walked from one end of the beach to the other then back we were out for two hours.The dogs had a blast at first the little pup was a bit nervous until the penny dropped to who they all were then he and Ted had a great time playing,he remembered me straight away and went crazy.Its lovely to see them again:)

When I eventually got to the yard I took Polo for a walk inhand with the dogs(they are crashed out now hardly surprising!) he was as good as gold and seemed to enjoy getting out. He's looking a lot sounder but im not going to push him at all, hopefully if I just take my time now he'll be right for the summer then i'll have both my boys to ride:)
I then took Ali back in the school on the longlines.SUCCESS again he was brill no slapping of boots required!It transfered when I asked for canter too he was more forward than he's even been in the school,ended feeling very satisfied.
Dont know about the animals but I know im getting fitter I can just walk and walk at the minute without getting tired..although I am now so off to bed for me.....

Friday, 23 January 2009 favorite day of the week.

Im cream crackered but can work through it when its Friday:)
Wednesday I worked AliG on the longlines.After pondering on Jeans comment the other day about getting an instantaneous response I realised this hasnt been happening more ask then ask again then get response so I spent 20mins going from walk to trot and back again totally mixing it up ,anything from one stride walk straight into trot to 3/5/10strides then the same in trot.When he didnt respond I wacked my boot and ground with the line and jumped up and down so he was leaping into trot, by the end a quiet and calm "aannnd trot" got the desired reaction.
Today I repeated this for 5mins in the school then longlined him out for a 15minute hack up the road and back he was very good,I reckon this is the way to go for now thanks Jean for reminding me about the basics!:))

Buster has been absolutely brilliant this week totally different from my last post about him,his glands have gone completely down on his neck which is the first time since he's been ill ,the meds have obviously fully kicked in now so im over the moon.
Had them all down to the beach twice this week which is Ted's first time, they've had a whale of a time.Ive been concerned Ted has lacked much of the socialization i'd like at this stage due to Buster being ill but to be honest he's an extremely well behaved pup, recalls instantly, been fully housetrained for months etc.Ive been watching a lot of the Dog Whisperer on the Discovery channel and have made some slight changes to how i'd normal deal with a the others.
Nothing major im just being more consistant and getting in there much quicker to correct any undesirable behaviour and doing far more walking on the lead than i'd usually do rather than letting them run free for much of the time.
I know some people dont like Cesar Milan but his common sense/no nonsense approach appeals to my nature.Im very conscious four dogs is a pack and can easily set each other off into trouble and excitement.Anyway the dogs ALL seem more settled and Ted so far has been the easiest pup weve ever had.

Muriel ive got some pics to put up over the weekend of the new yard and dogs at the beach:)
Yes Claire its the one a gloucester lodge.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Cold,wet and windy!

Thats our weather today pretty horrible:(
Saturday I rode Ali out with my friend who was longlining her unbacked mare.He was no bother but still very slow going out and walking out coming home im starting to feel rather frustrated with this ,im not the most patient of people and am so used to Polo who strides out on a mission!
Yesterday I rode Ali in the school and it was worse he was falling out on the right rein and falling in on the left rein and backing off as soon as we got near the gate of the school.I tried to do a little bit of lateral work to get him listening to my aids,leg yield was okay, turn on the forehand just point blank refused to move his butt at all one step would have been great but would he heck.I could feel my temper rising so after I got a step forward and a slight movement over so gave up at that.
Im feeling really frustrated with him which is probably being a bit hard on him.I tend to forget how young he is as he appears to take everything in his stride but the yard move is very recent and he's bound to be unsettled.
So for now im going to limit my time in the school to working him inhand and on the longlines only,he seems to enjoy it and I know I do,im hoping to have a lesson in a few weeks which hopefully should kick start us back on the right track!

I am thinking about having a couple of weeks break soon anyway the weather is awful at the minute and only going to get worse and it seems pointless freezing my backside off when ive got the whole of the summer to enjoy the horses when(hopefully) the weather's lovely.

Ali had his jabs today,unfortunately when he had his initial jabs (in Spain)the 3rd vacc was outside the time so ive got to start his jabs all again.
There's a show 'up here' in August which has some Iberian classes which is pretty incredibly im hoping to take him so figure nows the time to get the jabs started again.Its maddening really as he's covered but due to rules and regulations he now has to have another jab in a month then again in 6months,I hate the idea of giving vaccinations for the sake of it!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Busy but satisfying day

Its been a busy one finished work at 9.30am after doing a maths course at 8am{ouch}Despite me working on the care side because we are a college and are 24hour curriculum we all have to keep up to date with our numeracy and literacy (ha thats a good one for me!).Im also doing a short teaching course one night a week (enforced) and have to do a micro teach next week and as usual ive done nothing in preparation gulp!Ive passed my numeracy so just the maths to get through now.

Headed straight to the shops unpacked that then cleaned my house,Ted had been playing in the drinking water bowl so my kitchen floor was flooded!
I then went for dog food,logs for my fire,dropped Buster with my mum and collected my Christmas pressie from her,she hadnt got me anything with being ill but this week has been getting out and about a bit.Its a steam station iron.....cant decide if getting an iron for a present is really sad or a good thing?
Buster has lost his nail but is absolutely fine although he's not had a good day today 'episode' wise and has vomited/regurgitated a few times this afternoon:( Its hard just when I think he's really starting to pick up and get back to normal he has a few bad days...Im so impatient I want him 100% NOW {sigh}.

Had a lovely longlining session with Ali in the school today he was sensible,focused and reasonably forward.
Lots of changes of rein,loops,serpentines,spiraling in and out on a circle.Transitions in walk and trot also some rein back to walk i'd like to get this established on the longlines in walk and trot then undersaddle.
Polo is still lame although refusing to accept the point and keeps galloping down the field to me!
Im trying to not think about it he came right with time before so there's no reason why he shouldnt again, I could try box resting him but he would be climbing the walls after two days so I cant see the point in upsetting him when he's happy in himself just not rideable.
They are being such good boys though, they really do have manners to burn..apart from when they see food or something that Ali can grab and play with :)))

Muriel can you send me the link for your blog again ive lost it somehow from my favorite list(?) and can not find it on blogger search!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Huge relief

.he's fine today his dew claw is going to fall off but other than that no limping or obvious soreness.My YO's went up to the house today nobody was about but they'll keep trying.I was having flashbacks all last night about it.
I have my fingers crossed your curse works Jean!

I longreined Ali around some of the fields today doing lots of hills,we'll both be getting fit I tell you,he was wandery and nappy going out but I just kept insisting.Drifting and trying to turn around occasionally was as bad as it got so not challenging in the slightest.
I fenced off the river today although its nice the boys have made other friends the other field they go into has mares and we know what my two are like with the ladies!:) They do have a little fell pony in with them who kept turning up in their field via the river despite the YO trying to put him in the main field,he obviously likes being in with them.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Yuck back to work and had no internet!

My boss is ill and had the work laptop at home so NO internet all last week {sheesh}
I collected it on my way in tonight as he still has 'man-flu'
Lots of news and stuff going on so i'll probably forget most of it but i'd better start with the boy who's been the hot topic..well ONLY topic of conversation lately.
Buster has been on the meds nearly two weeks now,he's much much better and gets better as time goes on he still has 'some' bad days although nothing to how ill he has been.I spoke to the vet school last week with the 10day update and the vet is pleased with how things are going I have to ring at the end of the month with a further report then he'll probably have to go for blood tests to check the levels of the phenobarbital in his system.Those results will govern if his meds need to decrease,increase or stay the same.
So ive cautiously sent off his Crufts entry I couldnt wait any longer as the closing date was today if he's not right we wont go but hopefully with all of Jan and Feb on the meds fingers crossed he'll be okay!
Ive not mentioned pups for ages but a brief update is the little pup went to the girl who has Buster's brother just before Christmas apparently they are best mates already and we are planning on getting together at the beach this weekend so cant wait to see him.
I visited the other two pups this weekend and they are doing fab.The little girl is absolutely stunning it was a bit painful actually as I desperately wanted to keep her but she wasnt the best pup at the time and I had to go with my head and Peter's knowledge...this is why I wont put myself through it again!:))
Ted is doing very well, he's a very well behaved chilled type of pup,he's entered for his first show in Feb which is also Buster's practice run for Crufts.

Horsey news at last seems like its turned into doggy blog lately.

Anyway thoughout the recent chaos ive worked AliG pretty regularly.Polo isnt completely sound which im certain is down to tearing around while settling in and the hard ground we've had of late so im not panicking too much..I did have one sit on him in the school and he was extremely stressed,chomping on the bit like crazy,pretty much an explosion waiting to happen which didnt really suprise me I know it'll take him a good while to settle which will show if he has any pressure placed on him. He's had a couple of walks out inhand and been very good although he always is if he can follow me!

AliG has had about 5/6hacks and quite a bit of time in the school.He's a bit nappy and backing off the leg ALOT and threatened a few times to rear/buck although hasnt really followed it through.This has mainly showed up in the last week so I reckon its partly due to a mare being in season who he quite fancies.I thought he'd go backwards for a while so iam planing on doing a bit of longreining again as this worked brilliantly the last time, I do wish he was more off the leg in general though!
He has been very sensible out hacking, apart from being behind the leg on the way out,we've had no spooking or sillyness in that way.

Over all they've both coped far better than i'd imagined they would infact the YO and his wife told me at the weekend they are the best behaved horses on the yard,plus they now have regular horsey visitors crossing the river to join them in their field too so im positive I made the right move now.