Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Seems like winter is on its way

Its been much colder the past few days,wet and windy with more to come apparently :~

Im a bit undecided what to do with Polo at the minute,I rode out last week with a Vic and a couple of girls from the yard and he was really stressy,rushed and unsettled. As im pretty certain he's classic ulcer,but not had him scoped,I think the move has obviously caused a flare up which hasnt settled down. He seems pretty sound so I dont think he's sore. I had both him and Ali on a ulcer supplement during the move and for a good while afterwards but ran out. He was totally chilled out when we moved to the previous yard. The main difference I can think of is Ali was with him the whole time for that move where as this time Ali was on box rest initially so Polo didnt have Ali to help him through it?
Im going to ride again this week and if he's still the same,get him on some ulcer meds leave him for a while and if he's still the same retire him completely. Not that he's been in regular work for a good while but at 18 if he's no better then I think thats fair enough ,the last thing I want is for him to be unhappy in his latter years.

Bit about shockwave for Danni(ive cheated and copied some info)

A shockwave is a pressure wave – any action that displaces its surrounding medium is a shockwave.The ripple created when a stone is thrown into a pond is a shockwave.The
shockwaves used in equine medicine are generated in a fluid medium inside a
transducer head and are then transmitted readily through skin, fat, and muscle. The high energy waves are focused within the transducer head so that the shockwave can be
directed to the precise area of the injury. When shockwaves hit an area of higher
acoustic impedance, such as bone, the waves slow dramatically and a large amount of
energy is released into the surrounding tissue.
Shockwave therapy has been shown to:
• Stimulate new bone growth
• Increase cell permeability and
stimulate the release of a cascade of
healing and growth factors that
to the healing process
• Stimulate stem cells in the animal’s body
to be directed to the treated area
• Cause neovascularization
(ingrowth of new blood vessels)
• Possibly stimulate fibroblasts, the cells
that generate new connective tissue
Shockwave therapy has been successfully used to treat many soft tissue and bony
problems, both acute and chronic.

These include, but are not limited to:
• Suspensory ligament tears and strains
• Suspensory injuries with avulsion fractures
• Tendon tears and strains
• Osteoarthritis
• Collateral ligament injuries
• Navicular syndrome
• Ringbone
• Joint inflammation and pain
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Muscle tears and strains
• Repair ligament injuries
• Infected or large wounds
• Burns

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Scan news

Vet was out on Monday last week to re scan Ali's leg.
She watched him walk and trot up and said he looked 100% sound so that was a good start.She then got the scan machine out and took pics and measurements to compare with previous scans. There is still evidence of changes to the ligament, she said because the blood supply is poor in that area and there will be some scar tissue but basically thinks its as good as its going to get and is very happy.
I can ride him from now if I want but if not thats good too cos the more rest the better. She said when I do start working him lots of walking no schooling for a while and just take it slow and hill work would be good.
I told her my plan to do more hand walking for now then in spring to do a couple of months of longreining then all being well back to *proper* work next summer..she said this was an excellent plan as it is all strengthening work but with minimal strain on his ligament.

My mouth is okay,two stitches have fallen out in the past couple of days...due to my fiddling on with tongue...still got a couple in but will be pleased when they come out or dissolve. Im still numb in parts and have a massive lump in my mouth which I hope will eventually reduce.

Last two dog shows not had a placing with any of the gang which is a bit frustrating as people keen saying how well they look at the minute,couple more to go then nothing until next year.
Im ready for the break to be honest im bit tired of the travelling,expense and the whole malarky at the minute.
Took the gang to a working terrier show today to find I'd missed the actually terrier show but we did get to do the terrier racing which was a scream.
Buster and Ted both won their heats despite the same horrible Border trying to fight with them,why they kept putting it in for heats knowing it was nasty is beyond me but I did say after it bit Buster I was going to kick it if it did it again. The boys were *slightly* mental throughout. In the final they managed to catch the nasty Border so I didnt have to follow through in booting it and Buster won,even managing to catch the fox tail at the end!!
They might be show dogs but they are all terrier,it was brilliant fun-minus nasty dog.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Might be long a long one

Biopsy first!Relieved it all over!!
As is the norm for me the morning of the biopsy didn't quite go as planned. Got up early to poopick and feed the boys incase I didn't feel up to it later, then had to drop Minx off at the vets for the xray for her limp and a lump off her gum which she's had once before but its come back.
Yard was still locked up when I got there so had to go get keys and unlock which set me a bit behind schedule,did my jobs and headed up to the vets which is approx 15min drive took longer cos they had roadworks and two lots of 50mph zones
Clock was ticking and I knew I was pushing it for my 10am appointment,delivered Minx and headed back flapping about my lateness. Looked at my phone calender which had appointment down at 11am
Got home to find appointment was actually 11 so was ahead of schedule giving me time to start to work myself up!

The local hurt a bit and he had to give me a bit more cos I could feel a scratch when he first started but then didn't feel anything after that..although that didn't stop me nearly ripping my jeans off clenching them
My whole bottom lip and chin were numb for hours,my bottom lip was swollen about 3times the size as normal. It all took about 30mins from going in, Ive got 3stitches.
It wasn't as bad as I thought but the anticipation is always the worst thing with me as I build myself up for stuff like this despite the fact Ive got a pretty good pain thresh hold.
I had to eat soup for the first few days and drink with a straw,eating is still a bit weird now as the stitches feel tight although I still have numb bits so its not really been too painful throughout.

Anyway its over and I'm back on the 4th,just hope the results are conclusive so I can move forward.

Re Minx the lump came off easily but will probably come back in the future,the only way of preventing this is to pull teeth out and deaden right into the gum which I thought was a bit extreme considering it is a 2min job to take it off and its taken so long to come back so opted for the lesser method.
Her leg is a bit complicated she basically is laying down bone,at first vet thought she had injured the leg and the ligament had becoming inflamed similar to sidebone in horses? But he xrayed other leg for comparison and the same thing is happening there?!?!
So he *thinks* there has been inflamation to both ligaments and the body is trying to lay down bone to stabilise the joint,he's not to worried and thinks once it has all settled down she's be fine but is sending the xrays away for a 2nd opinion.

I was at a show with the dogs yesterday but got nothing with any of them,judge obviously didnt like my gang just one of those shows!;(

Today it was Ali's show day.Show prep consisted of washing- Ali's mane and tail yesterday plaited it up and turn him out in his snuggy hood and rain sheet,easy peasy.
I was doing two trips as Vic was taking Bree and my friend Marina was taking her youngster Victor again so was a bit manic.
I got the boys in, hitched trailer and undid plaits while Vic loaded Bree then did my first run to the show ground with Bree,turned around and came straight back for Ali and Marina's yearling took approx an hour doing the round trip so was all a bit fraught.
As usual Ali came off the box totally relaxed got myself and him sorted then made our way to the ring,had a little wait which gave me time to decide I needed a wee but wasnt sure if I had time to go so crossed my legs
Did our walking around and trotting stuff then our individually bit, judge said he was far too pretty to be a boy
Walked around a bit more then she started pulling us in with Ali first and Bree second..a very successful day!
He is such a star,I sometimes forget how fantastic he is when he's being a monkey grabbing things and wrecking stuff or bitting Polo's bum when im leading them but he is a pleasure to take places, he's just a nice person

Bree had a bit of a panic at a wagon and banged into Vic's car and ran away.I didnt realise anything was happening as I was at the back of the box sorting Victor out for Marina so just heard she was running around,I was mid bridling Victor so couldnt do a thing but other than the broken car no harm was done.
Took some pics for Marina then ran Bree and Ali back to the yard then straight back for Marina who was all done by the time I got back.
She got a 5th and a 6th. Judge said he liked him but he's just at that odd growth stage and looks all out of proportion but did say please dont go away thinking there's anything wrong with him and for godsake dont go and pump him with loads of hard feed to try and bring him on quickly which I thought was really nice of him.

I was very organised and put chicken and veg in the slow cooker this morning which was lush and ive just scoffed it all

Now for a few pics of the handsome chappy

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Boo hoo back to work

Had a week of training then back properly to the grind stone last week,its hard going back when im off for the summer,back to running around like a mad woman trying to squeeze everything in :(

This weekend I rejigged the boys paddock to give them a little bit more room and tighten all the electric fencing up,its handy stuff but really annoying too!
Ive got another inhand show next weekend with Ali so gave his mane and tail a wash and thickened it in detangler,he'll get quick bath next Saturday and we'll be good to go.Its great not having to plait up and because his legs are still dark I can sheet him up and turn him out the night before so its a pretty painless process.
Not missing Polo out I gave him the same mane and tail treatment and trimmed him too,feet are looking pretty good at the minute.

Last Sunday I was at an agricultural show with the dogs,Ted won again and Buster got third so I was very pleased. They did rather lose it towards the end as not far from the ring they had hounds and terriers chasing a furry critter on a rope,well my gang spotted all this and went crackers so as soon as their classes were over we made a sharp exit!

Monday im having my lip biopsy done which im dreading,HATE needles and Minx is having an xray as she's had an intermittent limp so bit of a stressful day so will be pleased when its all over with...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Busy week

Im on countdown for going back to work so this week has been really busy with appointments,meeting friends that ive not seen in a while and lots of other little jobs ive needed to do.

Polo had an episode with his rain sheet a few days ago. I got to the field I saw Ali with his sheet on and Polo with none so figured he must have gotten out of it somehow. But by the time I walked the field and poopicked and still hadnt found the rug I was up in arms thinking someone had stolen his rug!
My friend,who is still at my old old yard and her field is right next to my new one,shouted over the fence to say she'd found his rug hanging so had picked it up-mistery solved although the rug is beyond repair.

Not really done very much with the boys other than catering to their needs:))))
A few pics taken by my friend of Ali from the show last weekend before I go onto dog show news....

Ive bought a gorgeous picture from the professional photographer who was there but not sure if my new printer scans yet?

Dog show news.....well Ted won his class so has qualified for Crufts woohoo!!!:)))
Didnt get anything with Buster or Mouse yesterday but im still delighted to have both boys going to Crufts:0
Have few more shows coming up over the next 2months but the pressure is off now so if we get any placing they will just be the icing on the cake.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Show day

..and no it wasnt the dogs!
Entered Ali in the show we went to last year,I figured if he's able to come into work now which im chosing not to do then an inhand class shouldnt do any harm.
Bathed him yesterday then turned him well covered up in SnuggyHood and rain sheet,good job as it rained last night. Set off at 8.30 this morning with my friend and her youngster who was on his first trip out ever.
Just made it in time for her class so that was a bit of a rush. She was concerned he would explode but he went the opposite way and fell asleep and wouldnt trot up so didnt get highly placed-typical! But she was very pleased at how well he behaved and the judge said he liked him but couldnt really assess him as he wouldnt trot:))

I got Ali out and myself ready bit early as I thought the classes in his ring were further on than they were so much standing around and grass eating by Ali,yes he was as chilled out as last time:)))
Got into the ring eventually,there was a real mixed bag as you'd expect in Foreign Breeds. I *think* a couple of PRE stallions( one might have been Luso?) a gorgeous Friesian stallion then some part breds,10 or 11 in total in the class.
We got 3rd which I was very pleased about considering the year we've had and how fat he is:)) That qualified him for the Royal London show again..bit too far to travel for us.
I do think the Friesian should have won as he was stunning and so well behaved, the PRE stallion who won was very dishy and just didnt take your breath away the way I think a stallion should...
Obviously didnt do the ridden..maybe next year? Anyway a good day but im really tired now.

Off to the beach with the dogs tomorrow as they've spent hours in the car today so they can have a good blast around,they are showing in Scotland next weekend..

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

No much to report

I dont seem to have the urge to ride at the moment and im conscious of not doing too much with Polo I know he's not up to anything other than an odd hack out,although watching him charge around the field at times makes it hard to believe, .
I took him in the school for 15mins on Sunday,kept him in walk just getting him to soften and not to try and do everything at a hundred miles an hour!

The dogs are making a dent in the rabbit population at the new yard they are into double figures since we moved,I dont feel too bad as many of them have been cropping up with myxomatosis so at least with the dogs they arent suffering and dying slowly.It truly is a horrific disease!
The track along to the field has a high population and the dogs are in their element.
They have different techniques to their hunting and is really fun to watch them a work. Ted is like Minx and tries to use stealth,creeping along on his tummy,pausing every now and again to listen.
Buster uses speed and takes off up the track way ahead of us all,his method seems to be paying off as he's the main catcher,he's very fast!
Mouse tends to only join in when the others have done most of the work...she not daft.

Oh I forgot to say when Ali was in for his scans a specialist was at the practice to scope a couple of horses for ulcers so I asked them to scope Ali as well as ive had that in the back of my mind for a while with him.
Anyway he did have scar tissue so he's definitely had ulcers in the past,the vet said they werent an issue at that time,probably due to the fact he lives out/ad lib forage but, when he comes back into work if he still shows signs of not going forward etc he should have a course of GastroGuard.