Sunday, 26 September 2010

Scan news

Vet was out on Monday last week to re scan Ali's leg.
She watched him walk and trot up and said he looked 100% sound so that was a good start.She then got the scan machine out and took pics and measurements to compare with previous scans. There is still evidence of changes to the ligament, she said because the blood supply is poor in that area and there will be some scar tissue but basically thinks its as good as its going to get and is very happy.
I can ride him from now if I want but if not thats good too cos the more rest the better. She said when I do start working him lots of walking no schooling for a while and just take it slow and hill work would be good.
I told her my plan to do more hand walking for now then in spring to do a couple of months of longreining then all being well back to *proper* work next summer..she said this was an excellent plan as it is all strengthening work but with minimal strain on his ligament.

My mouth is okay,two stitches have fallen out in the past couple of days...due to my fiddling on with tongue...still got a couple in but will be pleased when they come out or dissolve. Im still numb in parts and have a massive lump in my mouth which I hope will eventually reduce.

Last two dog shows not had a placing with any of the gang which is a bit frustrating as people keen saying how well they look at the minute,couple more to go then nothing until next year.
Im ready for the break to be honest im bit tired of the travelling,expense and the whole malarky at the minute.
Took the gang to a working terrier show today to find I'd missed the actually terrier show but we did get to do the terrier racing which was a scream.
Buster and Ted both won their heats despite the same horrible Border trying to fight with them,why they kept putting it in for heats knowing it was nasty is beyond me but I did say after it bit Buster I was going to kick it if it did it again. The boys were *slightly* mental throughout. In the final they managed to catch the nasty Border so I didnt have to follow through in booting it and Buster won,even managing to catch the fox tail at the end!!
They might be show dogs but they are all terrier,it was brilliant fun-minus nasty dog.


Muriel said...

I am happy Ali is fine! What a slow recovery. Would it not be better to start the conditioning work now, so the blood flow will increase?
Just wondering, I am sure you and your vet too kthe best course of action.

Well done for the dogs. I woudl really like to have a dog, but my hubby is resisting ;-(

Danni said...

So pleased for you Nic, that's fab! It's a hard balance between needing to work a horse (for their sanity and their waistline) versus giving the body time to completely heal. Just my humble opinion, but I'd do the same as you, Ali's body is young and will continue to recover well. The in-hand will be the best of both worlds :)

Is it possible to use an external means of increasing blood supply? Like a massage machine or a laser/ultrasound machine? The vet gave me info on a procedure where they can culture white blood cells (I think) and reinject them back the the injury site which massively supports the healing process. Downside is it costs about £1000 a go!

The working terrier show sound mad, bet they had a hoot! I hope your mouth continues to recover, bet you're glad to see the back of vets and hospitals for the time being!

Nicola said...

Muriel can you send me the link for your blog again have a new computer and cant find it now!

The handwalking is the middle ground to get him moving without the extra strain on him.
He does live out 24/7,although may come in a bit more this winter with Polo, so is moving around most of the time too.
Luckily he doesnt tend to get silly when out of work other than in a playful way,other than when he was on box rest obviously :)))
The three courses of shockwave treatment he's had help with the inflamation and blood supply luckily the insurance covered those as they were over £350 each time.Since then ive been putting on his magnetic boots.
A girl on our old yard had that treatment Danni her mare's check ligament had pretty much snapped,not sure how it worked out tho?

Danni said...

i don't know of the success rate of it, I think it's relatively new technique?

I've heard shockwave mentioned elsewhere, what does it entail? Sounds like it has helped a lot :)