Sunday, 12 September 2010

Boo hoo back to work

Had a week of training then back properly to the grind stone last week,its hard going back when im off for the summer,back to running around like a mad woman trying to squeeze everything in :(

This weekend I rejigged the boys paddock to give them a little bit more room and tighten all the electric fencing up,its handy stuff but really annoying too!
Ive got another inhand show next weekend with Ali so gave his mane and tail a wash and thickened it in detangler,he'll get quick bath next Saturday and we'll be good to go.Its great not having to plait up and because his legs are still dark I can sheet him up and turn him out the night before so its a pretty painless process.
Not missing Polo out I gave him the same mane and tail treatment and trimmed him too,feet are looking pretty good at the minute.

Last Sunday I was at an agricultural show with the dogs,Ted won again and Buster got third so I was very pleased. They did rather lose it towards the end as not far from the ring they had hounds and terriers chasing a furry critter on a rope,well my gang spotted all this and went crackers so as soon as their classes were over we made a sharp exit!

Monday im having my lip biopsy done which im dreading,HATE needles and Minx is having an xray as she's had an intermittent limp so bit of a stressful day so will be pleased when its all over with...


Claire said...

did they manage to sort your health issues out over the summer?

Muriel said...

fingers crossed for your biopsie. I hope everything goes well.

I understand what you mean by running like a headless chicken. Olly has started school, Teena is at a new yard, further away than the precedent. I have the feeling that I am running constantly ;-(

I guess when the routine gets settled, things will go better ... I hope

Danni said...

Congratulations on successful outings with your four-legged gang! Did have to chuckle at the littlies wanting to chase the furry critter, terriers!!!

Lots of luck for the biopsy, hope you have good news and fingers crossed for Minx xx

Nicola said...

Thanks for the thoughts guysx

I'll update fully tomorrow had a really manic week and im off to a show with Ali tomorrow morning so have to have an early bed... but biopsy all done and Minx is fine but its a bit complicated.