Friday, 29 August 2008

BooHoo back to the grind stone.:(

Started back at work this week,full week of training which has felt incredibly long and monotonous so ive not really had the will to do too much else its amazing how boredom can make you feel tired isnt it!
AliG's had two longreing sessions this week basically cos it was quick to do he seemed to enjoyed himself as we've not done much of it recently not alot else to report on this as its pretty straightforward and uneventfull:)
Tonight we had another lesson.D worked him inhand again first and he did really well he'd obviously remembered and studied hard from last week as he picked straight up where we'd left off and just got better.His stride is lengthening and the bend and flexibility in his neck is improving with each session.He's definitely a smart cookie and has figured out very quickly life is so much easier if he tries and works with you.
The negative was he coughed quite a bit and has been over the past two days.Im not particularly worried yet as they've managed to steal some hay from the barn next to their shed!Its the YO's hay which isnt good quality and tends to be dusty (hence why I always buy hay elsewhere)Polo was coughing a few days ago so im sure thats all it is.
Ive moved all of the bales that were within reach so 'hopefully' they shouldnt be able to get anymore and the coughing will clear up.

On the puppy front they are thriving and starting to become proper little dogs with personalities.They are staying awake for longer spells playing and are almost walking.
The large lighter dog is very cheeky and growls a lot,the little girl is very active,feisty and tends to wake them all up!The black pup is pretty chilled out, steady and determind,finally the smaller dog has almost caught the other two boys up and although is probably the quietest he's by no means shy or nervous.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Didnt get a look-in!

Well the show was eventfull to say the least:0
Had about 3hours sleep but was up and on the road by 6am,arrived in excellent time as there was hardly any traffic on the roads so got my number,catalogue etc and settled ourselves down right on ringside waiting for things to start.
Little while later we heard growls,howling and screams, two dogs were obviously having a fight over the far side of the hall and it was a bad one.There were lots of people trying to seperate the dogs which felt like it took forever,I couldnt face going over to see but eventually they must have gotten them apart.I saw a man covered in blood(his I think!) apparently it was a Staffy and a Afghan hound,both dogs were hurt!:( There were lots of show officials taking statements im not sure what the course of action would be whether the offending dog will get banned/owner have to pay the vet bills?You do see some dogs taking a dislike to each other and having a growl and snap at each other but its the first real fight ive been around at a show it was horrible to hear!

The show got underway and my breed 'mentor' was in the ring first with his puppy dog now I was certain the pup was a sure thing he honestlly,well in my opinion, knocked spots off the other pups so when the judge placed him fifth I leant over to my mum and said "we havent got a chance here."
The lady who got first just happened to be one of the club's secretaries and a few of the other higher placings I recognised as big name breeders/members...I knew it was going to be one of those shows where you can spot the placings by the people without looking at the dogs!
Buster was in the third class which was pretty big,he was an absolute star didnt put a foot wrong but as expected we didnt get placed.
I had a chat with Peter outside the ring he was absolutely fumming he said the dog that won is a very nice dog who's winning up and down the country so if he'd been judging he might have beaten Buster but other than that we should have been in the top two without a doubt.
He said the judge was giving out CC's for the first time and was clearly making sure it wasnt for the last time by giving them to the people that matter.The thing was the dog she placed third was a very different dog from the two she'd placed first and second so if she had a 'type' why then go away from that unless of course the owner just happens to be a judge/breeder and treasurer of one of the clubs........
Peter said it was just going to be one of those shows where you might as well turn up without a dog for all anyone would notice:))
Another lady who we chat to and gives me advice(shes bred and judged for years)came up and said "well where's you red ticket I missed the class?" when I said we got nothing she couldnt believe it.
It's just one of those things, Peter says you have to accept it and keep trying as you do get judges who go on the dog alone or give up!

The next excitement was the firealarms went off so everyone had to troop outside.
I wanted to get back for Mouse and the pups so we had a wander around the shops where I bought some bits and pieces for the dogs and a big sheet of vetbed for the puppies then left.
The final insult was my mum's friend who came for the day took the vetbed to carry but left it outside the car and I drove off without it...what a day!:(

Oh im wrong there was one more disaster I gave Ali a quick lunge in the field when I got back.For speed instead of taking the reins off the bridle I twisted them and looped them through the throatlash.Well didnt he put his head down to steal some grass somehow got his leg through and snap the reins:000

Today we had a great lesson!
D started with some ground work/lunge to see if she could get him to bend I have to say she is very good and he was looking great after a while.
I then got back on with D keeping us on the lunge to help bend and keep him going if I was struggling,we had some spells where he was really flexing and reaching for the contact it was almost like a sweeping motion felt fabulous.His trot was much better too for the first time he felt like a horse and not a pony.
D said because of his breeding there is alot going on at the frontend with lots of high leg action but nothing happening behind so our focus has to be on getting him to track up and be active from behind.
I was really pleased with things at the end as was D, she didnt think we'd be where we were 'at'towards the end quite yet.

...puppies eyes are open today:)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Sooo tired!

Think ive lost the ability to sleep its always the same when im stressed or unsettled,I was watching the 10km marathon swim at 4am this morning..THATS how bad it was!Actually they are remarkable athletes to swim pretty much flat out for nearly 2hours the poor English lad led all the way but went off course near the end so was pipped for the gold,he had to be rushed off for treatment by the paramedics at the end he was so exhausted and the guy who won the gold had leukemia 5years ago.See im an expert now!:)

The pups are doing great getting bigger by the day and Mouse's appetite has returned at last so she back to eating anything and everything.

The weather hasnt helped me achieve much on the horse front this week but have managed to lunge Ali once,did his rope circling yesterday and had a short hack tonight.It wasnt going to be a short hack but going along one of the tracks which run off the lane I spotted a little rabbit looking rather ill.It had wound on its back legs which were covering in flies and had red myxomatosis type eyes.It didnt look like it had long to live but I couldnt leave it there suffering,the one time when it would have been good to have the dogs to finish it off quickly(athough not sure i'd have liked them to touch it with the state it was in) I phoned YO's hubby and asked him if he'd come along and put it out its misery. Time I waited around for him to come and set off again it was getting on so we just went to the end of the track and back.Ali did react a bit as we passed the field we sometimes longrein through as it heads home ,I gave him a sharp smack and told him to get on. He was a bit unsettled for maybe a dozen strides,tossing his head,jogging but then snapped out of it and settled down so I was pretty pleased.
He was fine the rest of the hack although we didnt go much further, we passed a field with a combine harvester and tractor rattling around in and he didnt bat and eye at it.
Waiting for our Indian takeway to be delivered then im hoping for an early night and SLEEP.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Puppy pics..prepare for a cuteness overload!

The first two are when they are a day old the last few from today so they are four days.My niece came to see them today,she wanted to kiss and cuddle them all but she was fine when I told her Mouse would get upset so she had a quick hold of one and a pic.

This is the little girl and the large lighter pup

The large dark pup and his smaller brother

Friday, 15 August 2008

Sorry Caroline .....yes we have puppies!

Just havent had the time to get online had so much going on.

Mouse had the puppies on Wednesday,it wasnt straight forward OBVIOUSLY but im am now the proud granny of three boys and one girl:)
I knew the night before she was on her way as she was so restless and digging in her bed she was clinging to me all morning so I literally spent the day sitting on the floor with her surrounded by towels with a cage set up.The contractions started around 3in the afternoon then she started pushing hard a little before 5,I saw a tiny paw popping out so knew pup was coming backwards which isnt unusual or too troublesome in dogs.Took her a little while to get the pup out I was worrying the bag was burst and it would be struggling for oxygen so I helped with a few little pulls intime with her pushing.A boy and a decent size I hard to really rub and work on him to get him going to start with but along with lots of licking from Mouse he started to gasp for air then breath properly.She had a bit of a rest then the next two came quite close together,girl then boy both much smaller she just popped them out oh forgot to mention this was all happening on my knee sitting on the floor,she was determind to involve me completely!:)
She then had a long rest cuddled up with her babies at first I wasnt too worried as she'd had the two in quick succession but after an hour and still nothing I rang the vet then took her up.I knew there was at least one more as I could easily feel it sticking out her side so the vet scanned her and gave her and injection to stimulate the contractions.The injection was given 45mins to work but still nothing was happening the vet recommended not to hang around as the pup was still alive so she had a cesarean section.I was pretty gutted as she'd done so well having the three but when the pup came out he was a huge black dog so I very much doubt she could have gotten him out.
Once she woke up I headed home armed with powdered milk and bottle kit just incase she wasnt up to feeding them that night,it was 10pm,torrential rain bouncing down and I was panicking cos I didnt have alot of fuel left in the car.The surgery is half and hour away and I didnt want to stop on the way there but luckily we made it home.
Both of us had very little sleep that night as they puppies were pretty noisy and demanding,obviously Mouse wasnt feeling great but she fed them all night if getting a bit stressy at times.
Last night they were much quieter and I got a little bit more sleep.
My only concern it she's not eating a well as i'd like im having to hand feed her little and often she wont touch dog food so has been having scrambled eggs,toast and chicken breasts.She also panting quite alot it might just be she's a bit anxious?She's on antibiotics but is going for a check-up in the morning so i'll mention it all.
Puppies are very active and wriggly its amazing how quickly they can move around the cage,will get some pics up when I get some time!
Anyway I definitely wont be doing this again I cant handle the stress and worrying fingers crossed Buster will continue to do well showing so he can have a bit of stud work much more straight forward.Although his coat is a mess,I have a show next weekend so its too late to strip him and ive done no practicing with him:0

Ive been running up and down to see to neds as I dont want to leave Mouse too long at the minute so they'll be having a few days of doing not very much.Plus both had their teeth dont yesterday and dentist recommended a few days off,particularly AliG as he was working on him for nearly 45mins.Its the first time ive used this guy and I was very impressed he was extremely through and the good thing is if Polo needs more drilling in the future he's completely qualified to do this.He said Ali has a good mouth its just a case he has new teeth erupting etc,he loved him and commented how well he did as he did have to work on him longer than the norm.
Polo obviously fought and although didnt need a great deal done made it take twice as long as should have done!

Quick catch up had a lesson on Sunday and it was MUCH improved AliG did attempt two rears.He's going forward better now but didnt want to do this into a contact I stopped him just before it turned into a full rear and he behaved well afterwards we had some great canter towards to end and for the first time he got into a nice rhythm and didnt feel like he was going to stop at every opportunity.
Had a long hack on Tuesday he didnt put a foot wrong ,got caught in a heavy shower coming home.

Off to eat my cremated dinner that I forgot was in the oven..Mouse is eating better than me!

Friday, 8 August 2008

A waiting game.

Still no puppies it MUST be soon she looks ready to pop!

Yesterday I longlined Ali in the school its was going to be an opportunity to try the flexion work on the ground but some of the kids from the yard were riding in the field which is right next to the school.They were having a hoolie around galloping up and down the field and over a few jumps it was impossible to do anything sensible with Ali as he was very excited about it all bursting into canter,passage and snorting. I didnt mind he was forward and lathered by the end (his own making) so it turned into a fat burning exercise instead which isnt a bad thing:))

Today I went for a swim in the morning..I did the 40lengths:)
Brother and I then took the dogs down the beach I was going to leave Mouse with my mum but she was determinded not to be left so she came.We didnt walk too far because of Mouse but the others all had good run and swim chasing sticks,Mouse seemed to enjoy the trip out anyway.
This evening I went for a hack on AliG he was a bit slow and looky going out but once he got going he was fine.We had a trot along one of the tracks then a canter coming home up the hill he was pooped at the top but the fitness is steadily improving we were out a good hour and a half..I WILL get some weight off him if it kills me!:))

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


That about sums the past few days up really!:)

A friend came to visit and we went for a little hack along the lane and back,I rode Polo and she rode AliG..well I figured the four year old would be the safer option than the sixteen year old:)))
Polo actually felt pretty good(?) so I dont think the odd short hack will do him any harm but i'll play it by ear.AliG as expected behaved perfectly and led Polo past the barking dogs rattling the fence at the riding school,they spooked him on the way out so he was flapping about having to pass them again no such worries from Ali!
Today I took him in the school and half wish I hadnt,it just wasnt good. I 'think' the problem was the last lesson finished without a clear breakthrough and I couldnt get the feeling establish of what I was aiming for.Today I just HAD to go and TRY to work on things and it just basically wasnt happening,once I know what I should be feeling im usually okay otherwise I struggle.
I was getting frustrated, AliG was setting his neck on the left rein and getting behind the leg again I hope I havent set us back to square one:(
Tomorrow we are going to have a 'fun' longreining session out and about.

Oh and I eventually found time to go swimming it was brill I havent swam for well over 12months, going again Friday,did 34lengths will go for 40 next time.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Picture mad....

thats me at the minute!
Was working today looking after one of the girls from the college so her parents could go out for a meal for their wedding anniversary so didnt really have time or energy to do much horsey stuff they came in this morning then got put back out tea time WITH muzzles...well for how long they'll stay on!
The dogs needed a good run when I got home so took them all off to the beach with my brother,pics as promised Muriel:)

Pregnant little Mousey

Buster determind to get the stick(tree) from Zak

Minx and Sky both bringing the stick back

There arent any of my mum's other border Crag,he's on the lead tied round my waist cos he's a sod and tries to fight every dog he sees!