Sunday, 29 August 2010

Busy week

Im on countdown for going back to work so this week has been really busy with appointments,meeting friends that ive not seen in a while and lots of other little jobs ive needed to do.

Polo had an episode with his rain sheet a few days ago. I got to the field I saw Ali with his sheet on and Polo with none so figured he must have gotten out of it somehow. But by the time I walked the field and poopicked and still hadnt found the rug I was up in arms thinking someone had stolen his rug!
My friend,who is still at my old old yard and her field is right next to my new one,shouted over the fence to say she'd found his rug hanging so had picked it up-mistery solved although the rug is beyond repair.

Not really done very much with the boys other than catering to their needs:))))
A few pics taken by my friend of Ali from the show last weekend before I go onto dog show news....

Ive bought a gorgeous picture from the professional photographer who was there but not sure if my new printer scans yet?

Dog show news.....well Ted won his class so has qualified for Crufts woohoo!!!:)))
Didnt get anything with Buster or Mouse yesterday but im still delighted to have both boys going to Crufts:0
Have few more shows coming up over the next 2months but the pressure is off now so if we get any placing they will just be the icing on the cake.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Show day

..and no it wasnt the dogs!
Entered Ali in the show we went to last year,I figured if he's able to come into work now which im chosing not to do then an inhand class shouldnt do any harm.
Bathed him yesterday then turned him well covered up in SnuggyHood and rain sheet,good job as it rained last night. Set off at 8.30 this morning with my friend and her youngster who was on his first trip out ever.
Just made it in time for her class so that was a bit of a rush. She was concerned he would explode but he went the opposite way and fell asleep and wouldnt trot up so didnt get highly placed-typical! But she was very pleased at how well he behaved and the judge said he liked him but couldnt really assess him as he wouldnt trot:))

I got Ali out and myself ready bit early as I thought the classes in his ring were further on than they were so much standing around and grass eating by Ali,yes he was as chilled out as last time:)))
Got into the ring eventually,there was a real mixed bag as you'd expect in Foreign Breeds. I *think* a couple of PRE stallions( one might have been Luso?) a gorgeous Friesian stallion then some part breds,10 or 11 in total in the class.
We got 3rd which I was very pleased about considering the year we've had and how fat he is:)) That qualified him for the Royal London show again..bit too far to travel for us.
I do think the Friesian should have won as he was stunning and so well behaved, the PRE stallion who won was very dishy and just didnt take your breath away the way I think a stallion should...
Obviously didnt do the ridden..maybe next year? Anyway a good day but im really tired now.

Off to the beach with the dogs tomorrow as they've spent hours in the car today so they can have a good blast around,they are showing in Scotland next weekend..

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

No much to report

I dont seem to have the urge to ride at the moment and im conscious of not doing too much with Polo I know he's not up to anything other than an odd hack out,although watching him charge around the field at times makes it hard to believe, .
I took him in the school for 15mins on Sunday,kept him in walk just getting him to soften and not to try and do everything at a hundred miles an hour!

The dogs are making a dent in the rabbit population at the new yard they are into double figures since we moved,I dont feel too bad as many of them have been cropping up with myxomatosis so at least with the dogs they arent suffering and dying slowly.It truly is a horrific disease!
The track along to the field has a high population and the dogs are in their element.
They have different techniques to their hunting and is really fun to watch them a work. Ted is like Minx and tries to use stealth,creeping along on his tummy,pausing every now and again to listen.
Buster uses speed and takes off up the track way ahead of us all,his method seems to be paying off as he's the main catcher,he's very fast!
Mouse tends to only join in when the others have done most of the work...she not daft.

Oh I forgot to say when Ali was in for his scans a specialist was at the practice to scope a couple of horses for ulcers so I asked them to scope Ali as well as ive had that in the back of my mind for a while with him.
Anyway he did have scar tissue so he's definitely had ulcers in the past,the vet said they werent an issue at that time,probably due to the fact he lives out/ad lib forage but, when he comes back into work if he still shows signs of not going forward etc he should have a course of GastroGuard.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Its been a long time since I last blogged!

Well where do I start?!?!
Ive got no idea and its probably impossible to recap so much has happened so I'll do a summary of the happenings with my world.

I'll start with Ali,its not been great;/
Not sure if I blogged to say he wasnt right towards the end of the winter,just didnt feel right when ridden and looking uncomfortable on the lunge, he then blew a huge abcess out of his hind so attributed the problems with this.
We had a very rough winter major snow so didnt do a lot of months,or so it felt?
Anyway when the weather improved I still didnt feel he was right,despite everyone telling me he was fine. Got the vet out and after nerve blocks and scans the diagnosis was suspensory desmitis of the right hind-not good!
So Ali has just come to the end of three months of box rest, he's also had three lots of Shockwave therapy, he's quite the star at the vet practice as they have all fallen in love with him and cant believe what a good sensible boy he is.
Towards the end of the box rest I had to handwalk him which turned him into a snorting/rearing stallion for a while,in the middle of this we moved yards,more about that in a bit!
He has had a rescan which showed signs of improvement with the lesion so as of approx three weeks ago he's been out in a small paddock reunited with his best pal Polo which they were very happy about.
Last week I had to make the paddock a bit bigger as he started boinging about,vet agreed he's better with more room to wander rather than getting frustrated and silly.
So he's a much more contented happy boy at last and I have a little bit more time and am not quite so demented trying to keep a boxrested horse happy.
I can bring him back into work in September if I want to but the longer he has off the less chance this has off reoccuring so im not intending on doing anything with him until next year,he's young im in no rush.

The yard move came about as things gradually got unbearable,YO's started dealing in horses and running a riding school (who needs insurances and licenses?!?)
They over ran the yard with cheap dutch imports then moaned about the haylage use which was *supposed* to be in with the price for grazing but then suddenly wasnt. Then they sold some of the horses,many of which were lame, to some of the novice liveries and their friends. The final nail in the coffin came when YO started making insulting comments about my horses. Basically because the horse's he bought to competed on started going over backwards to dump him his ego took a hammering so obviously felt the need to put down my two exemplarly behaved horses!
Also the school never got resurfaced as was promised so was boggy and horrible most of the time,possibly could have contributed to Ali's injury?
Polo also dropped a lot of weight of the winter which was a huge worry to me as this has never happened before so I decided this winter he would need the option of being stabled more.I had one stable for them to share on the old yard but simply couldnt afford to pay for two as the yard was pretty pricey for DIY and grass livery.

The boys have been on the new yard just over a month,its opposite my old/old yard:))
It has lovely posh stables ,they've got one each,good fencing and a fab large school..not that ive got anything schoolable right now...and is 5mins from home so closer,haylage and straw is included and all at £10 per week less than the old place.
Polo is in light light work ie a hack or two a week,see how he goes,the move has stressed him but he seems to have settled down more since Ali joined him in the field.

Dog news now I think:)
Still showing although im definitely scaling it back next year...the *face judging* seems to be very apparent this year,many mutterings around the ringside about it all.
Im finding it very frustrating because outside the ring I get such nice comments about the boys. I have judges telling me how much they like them,even had this in the ring twice for the judges to then place them 5th which is good at a Champ show but why say how much you like them when judges rarely say anything, to then place 4dogs above them!Most recently a big *name* in the breed who has written books and judged all over the world was apparently gushing over them and came to tell me how she thought Buster was sublime. Now I was chuffed to bits about it particularly as the judge that day didnt look at any of them twice, but I dont see the point of keep spending lots of money on entries to constantly get chucked out of the ring?
Im not under any illusions that we should be getting CC's or winning week after week but I do think they are better than the placings they are getting...but I suppose im biased:))

Ted has been very consistant and barely gone unplaced but its very frustrating as I cant seem to get a high enough placing at a Champ show to qualify him for Crufts!
Buster seems to either win or do nothing but has had a 1st champ show which means he has qualified.

I did get a rather huge trophy at the beginning of the year for best newcomer,which was won after accruing points from one of the breed club shows which was totally unexpected.

Finally me news!
Im sure ive mentioned on my blog in the past how tired ive been and sore etc well after chatting to someone who seemed to recognise the symptoms and mentioned a condition called Sjogrens.
After doing some internet research the symptoms seemed to be uncanny so have been having tests. The schirmer eye test was strongly positive but unfortunately that doesnt seem to be enough to get any treatment so im having a lip biopsy done next month which im dreading as I hate needles but things are beyond putting up with now.
This is the main reason ive been absent from blogging etc,im just too tired most of the time, and obviously been pushed to the limit with Ali and the boxrest,I have been keeping track of most of your blogs albeit quietly:)

Anyway im off for the summer so im trying to relax as much as possible and catch up with all the things im too tired to do the rest of the time,I will try and blog a bit more frequently!