Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The verdict is...

its quite a rare form of epilepsy!
One of the vets rang this morning she said all the results from the biopsies have come back clear so they've basically eliminated any physical problem which could cause these symptoms. She said they could do brain scans but that would mean another trip to Edinburgh plus lots more money.
This was one of the possibilites the vet mentioned on the initial consultation after he'd observed &examined Buster...how good was he!!
I did have a feeling he pretty much knew what was going when i picked Bust up as he seemed so convinced it was treatable but until the results were in didnt want to commit.
Ive done a very brief google for 'limbic epilepsy' and it seems spot on plus in the long term there's a good possibility he'l be able to get weaned off the meds,which the vet did mention too.
He's now on Phenobarbetone had his first tablets today and there is most definate small signs of improvement. He's been a bit perkier tonight and is more affectionate than he has been as he'd distanced himself quite alot through all this which was hard to take.
She did say it was pretty fast acting but im delighted with how fast it seems to be kicking in!
The vet school will continue to oversee his treatment from now on but via my vet so I wont have to keep travelling to Edinburgh.
There are obviously side effects to the medication he's on so ideally if he can come off them in 6months that would be great. He's had no quality of life while this has been going on, just last night he was so up &down i'd seriously considered pts so im relieved to have ANY options.
Will have a more thorough google tomorrow...

So im hoping I will have my old boy back in the next few days and i can enjoy whats left of my hols:)

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

He's home for Christmas!

Had another long day on the road today but im happy my boy is home:)

Im just going to type out the sheet the vet gave me of their findings it will be more accurate than me trying to do my own interpretation sorry if this is boring-
////Clinical examination revealed Buster's salivary glands to be enlarged.We have also detected a mild heart murmur(interesting as this has never been detected before vet doesnt think its linked with current illness or anything to worry about)
Blood tests revealed evidence of mild dehydration and one of the parameters relating to his liver was also increased.However,a further blood revealed no evidence of abnormal liver function(this was the test done this morning).
X-rays taken of Buster's chest releaved no evidence of significant abnormality.
Endoscopy of Buster's oesophagus,stomach and upper small intestine.Biopsies have been taken from his stomach and upper small intestine and have been sent for analysis at the lab.
Samples taken from both his salivary glands revealed no evidence of inflammation,cancerous changes or infection.(huge relief there)////

Vet wouldnt confirm a diagnosis until the other lab results are through he said he has 'some' of the symptoms of two conditions, it could be either or both.
But his is confident he'll have a firm diagnosis once these are in and a course of treatment,I get the feeling he's pretty sure what it is but doesnt want to commit himself until the results are in.We should have those by Monday or Tuesday next week.
Vet seemed really pleased and positive so im feeling much happiers and optimistic.
At the momemt the meds are treating his tum its pretty much the same as if he has ulcers!
When he brought Buster out to me vet said there are lots of disappointed people in the back as he's been are huge hit so Buster now has a Scottish branch to his fan club.
I could tell instantly he was much brighter, he's had a few more swallowing episodes when he saw me and when he saw Minx,Mouse and Ted but since he's been home ive not seen any which is brilliant as it was happening every few minutes the last few days.
I cant praise the vet and the University enough they are absolutely brilliant and have been lovely with us both throughout.My bill was at the bottom of the estimate so I managed to pay for it without hammering my credit card...granted it was still nearly £900 {gulp} but he's worth it:)

My mum is still in hospital and will be for the next few days yes Christmas in hospital!
She's on a drip with antibiotics and morphine,she's not allowed to eat or drink either the ultrasound showed she has gall stones,I think they are hoping it all settles down so they can take the gall bladder out at a later date but the doctor hasnt rules taking it out in the meantime.
Visiting is betwen 2and 8pm so we'll all be going down tomorrow afternoon to visit and open pressies!

Huge thankyou to Claire for the offer of driving today I wished there had been more time to take you up on it ive done a LOT of driving in the last two days and needed matchsticks coming home.
Jean thanks for the lovely comment yesterday it helped a lot and obviously worked!

Hope you all have lovely Christmasxxxx

Monday, 22 December 2008

Edinburgh in the morning

Had an awful night with him last night he had several 'episodes' he was heavy breathing and doing the swallowing I was convinced I was going to lose him and sat up most of the night.
Took him straight up the vets this morning its the first time the vet has seen him having one of these turns,I mentioned he sounds fluidy on his chest so after examining him he took an xray of his chest with him awake but still cant find anything abnormal.I asked if he had any ideas at all of whats going on he said he's honestly seen nothing like it before!
He chased up Edinburgh who rang me to book an appointment unbeknown to me as my mobile went straight to answer phone and I didnt get a voicemail alert,im furious as I could have had him there this afternoon.I rang the university to find out why they hadnt called and when they said they had I checked my voicemail I had FOUR voicemails that havent come through.Orange is the worst network ive ever been with,I'll ring them soon as im sorted couldnt trust myself to do it today!
So appointment is for 10am will be leaving here about 6.30 in the morning as its a good 2&half hours plus i'll hit morning rush hour up there.

Fingers crossed he has a better night and we get some answers tomorrow AND whatevers going on is treatable!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

No change.

Sorry to worry you Jean he's just the same:(
Today I noticed the glands in his throat are huge and although whenever he's had his temperature taken at the vets its been normal, today when I had my hand on him he was definately hotter than the other dogs.
Im phoning my vets first thing in the morning to find out whats happening re Edinburgh I just want to get him up there as soon as possible!
Im leaving him with my mum when I have to go to the farm the other dogs need to burn off steam and he cant cope with the slightest bit of excitement or exercise without triggering an attack.

Had two lovely rides on AliG at the new yard.He's been such a good boy we've been through fields,streams and woods and he's taken it all in his stride.Today we had a hack along the lane and despite it blowing a gale he was very sensible although he did get a bit excitable when we headed home and jogged a bit:)

Will keep you posted as soon as I have news...

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Im back..ish!Awful news.........

Im having a horrendous time at the minute Buster is seriously ill im absolutely terrified im going to lose him.
He's been ill for 2and a bit weeks,started with him being a bit quiet then he had a 'funny turn' when out for a walk he seemed to be struggling to breath and swallow.I rushed him to the vets and he's since had two lots of xrays,an endoscope down his throat,swabs sent away and blood tests everything has come back clear.He's extremely lethargic,has these snorting gasping episodes and over the past few days has been vomiting up a phlemy/mucus.
The one good thing is he's still got his appetite and when he's vomiting its not directly after eating.
Up to now we thought Kennel cough,foreign body 'somewhere?' problems with his laryx,he's been on antibiotics for 10days and anti inflamatory meds but nothing has made a difference.
The vet is totally baffled by it and is contacting the vet school at Edinburgh so im waiting to hear if/when he can go up.
Im so worried about all this I can hardly sleep.......

The poor neds have been moved then pretty much had flying visits from me im exhausted with stress and moving all of their stuff(8car loads and its not all moved!).They had an hour in the field with the herd then we had to move them into a field of their own.It was AliG causing the problems not Polo,he was totally looking after his old mate and wouldnt let any horse near Polo and beating anything up that so much as looked in their direction,to the point of pinning a pony down!
The field they are in is fantastic -huge,no mud,stream running through it,sheltered I couldnt ask for more and thats 'their' field from now on.They are very clingy to me when I arrive running over to me and following my every move bless them .
I feel so guilty as they are baffled by it all then im not spending more than an hour with them but ive got two days left at work then I break up for two weeks then hopefully I wont feel so torn between where I have to be ,to where I want and need to be!
Sorry if this a bit jumbled my mind is all over the places:(