Friday, 28 November 2008

Blogger break

Ive decided to take a blog break for a few weeks.
Im not finding a lot of time to get online at the moment so im already being hit and miss with the blog and im feeling guilty for not keeping track of everyone elses news!
There's the upcoming horse move,work being incredibly hectic (also been roped into a course),im not sleeping well again I cant see things improving in the short term so I reckon a break is the way to go.

I will leave you all with my recent news then come back when things are more settled.
Over the past week ive rode both my boys.It was very interesting riding one after another in the school its hard to put into words how completely different they are in just about everyway.AliG is so well balanced and rhythmic he looks good without seeming to put any effort into it,he's comfortable and easy to ride.
Polo is all power but unbelievably sensitive.I cant remember the last time he's been in the school so was Mr Stress Head, lateral work always helps settle him so we did leg yielding,shoulder in,turn on forehand etc all with the slightest of aids.We had a couple of short trots, which is the first time in months and it felt like two strides and I was at the top of the school..i'd almost forgotten how hard he can be to ride:))) ..Oh and he felt totally sound!!!
Its going to be fun having a school I can use whenever I want,wish I could transfer some of Polo's sensitivity and forwardness to AliG and give Polo some of AliG's balance and common sense:))

Okay folks thats all for now i'll be back...................

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Decision made!!

Well after much consideration and deliberation ive

Told new yard owner who is happy to accomodate my million rug boxes,rubber mats,bulk bought feed etc and is also desperately trying to persuade his wife they need a Border terrier pup:)
Told my current YO today she looked a bit shocked and made a few snide comments which I didnt react to I was as nice as I possible could be explaining the school and off road riding were the reasons for going.My friend was with me and she got a bit narked about the digs but I think because ive decided to go they really didnt bother me or get me annoyed in the slightest.
Anyway she has a months notice although i'll probably leave before the month is up.M is gutted and has been asking everyday if ive changed my mind, after the conversation I had with her today I think she's wishing she had come and put her name down for one of the part livery stables.
Jo said her little daughter is inconsolable anmd burst into tears..amazing the impact I had there considering I have no time or patience for kids isnt it!:)))

I had a lovely ride out with the new girl on Sunday her horse is spooky and nervy,didnt bother AliG in the slightest. She did a huge spook going over a wooden bridge then at some logs, he didnt react or feed off her nerves at all we then had a nice canter along the track with him leading.She was amazed at how good he was for a baby,its quite a change for me being on the sensible horse!

Today Ali had a short lunge session then I gave my friend a little riding lesson on you guessed it AliG.She's had a couple of lessons recently, I kept her on the lunge concentrating on her position and getting the feel for the movement' Ali was so good, honestly how many four year olds would you trust to put a complete novice on.She said im a good teacher and it was better than the lessons she'd paid for:)

Will have to start packing up this weekend I have LOTS of stuff!!

Friday, 14 November 2008


Im in a quandary!
At the beginning of the week I went on a yard hunt,not for me but for a friend who needed to move urgently,we looked at four yards within a few mile radius of where I am now.To cut a long story short I am seriously tempted by the first yard we visited which is also the one friend chose.
We moved her horses there today and I had a good look around particularly at the hacking and its amazing.They have over 160acres,streams,access to ride through ajoining woods and the roads are extremely quiet too.They are taking 10 as part livery with a further 10 grass liveries,I couldnt afford to pay for the part livery but mine only come in for a couple of hours a day anyway so they would be fine living out.The fields are huge,no mud,good fencing with lots of hedges and trees for natural shelter plus they also have a school!
I had a good chat to YO and he said im welcome to put mine in one of his stables if I want to mess on through the day as his will all be out.I mentioned the fact Polo can be riggy and Alig was late cut and he said not to worry I can have them in a field with geldings only or by themselves if they become a problem he's also happy to let me strip graze during the summer if they get to fat.The fabulous hacking and school are a huge draw.
Writing all that makes me wonder why im deliberating so much!:)))
I suppose they are so settle where we are and I hate the idea of moving them for movings sake when im not exactly unhappy where i am...although the YO can make things hard at times.
My main areas of discontenton at our yard are since the two new horses arrived there are 5big horses plus a pony in the field and it simply isnt big enough,it cant be over two acres,its already looking pretty trashed and muddy and doesnt get rested full stop.We poo pick daily because of the over grazing which isnt exactly fun when your up to your ankles in mud plus the time spend doing this I could be riding oh and the fencing is rubbish,its impossible to get the YO fix or maintain anything,no school and the lane is becoming more and more busy with traffic. I know I have permission to use the school over the road but I dont like to go in more than once a week or when other people are riding and its impossible to get in during the school holidays.
The other issue is hardly anyone rides on our yard,I quite enjoy riding on my own but sometimes its nice to have company to go for a long hack plus im more strict with myself if ive made arrangements to meet and ride:))
M has rode El about a dozen times this year,Jo rides maybe once a week,YO does but to be honest her ponys are so slow I might as well be riding by myself plus she's not my 'cup of tea' and run out of conversation after two minutes!
If this move was me moving house i'd jump at it because its not for me but the horses im thinking and dithering MUCH more,Polo does tend to react badly to a move which puts me off but he would have ALiG with him which should help.
I said i'd have a good think and get back to him within a week or so which gives my friend time to settle in a report back to me:)

Horse news ive been a good girl and rode BOTH boys this week plus had great fun in the school with Ali playing with the poles.We've not done this for ages and he was incredibly keen and forward cantering and jumping them when I was trying to get him to trot,most unusual for him but good!
Polo was pretty blumming good considering how long its been since I last rode him,we didnt go far but he seemed happy to be out.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Mmmm not sure if this is good or bad??

Firstly im full of cold had a sore throat yesterday which has become a full on seriously congested head cold gradually getting worse as the day went on:(

I nearly didnt go today as i'd not slept well but pleased I did as Buster got two third placing which is ANOTHER Crufts qualifier! Im really chuffed he's qualified four times over this year which is good going as you only qualify with certain classes at Champ shows so bloody good going if I do say so myself.I could tell she liked him, she came and lifted him just before giving her placings Peter said that was her way of saying he would have gotten a higher placing if he'd not been so heavy.I could get him a bit leaner if my OH didnt keep feeding them treats everytime my backs turned grrrr!

Well the puppy news is Peter still thinks the blue,Ted, is the 'boy' but he REALLY likes the other pup too and thinks he could do very well in the ring too so that is making things really difficult!
I know realistically I cant keep two as five dogs is simply too much,plus I couldnt show two as they'd be in the same class so ive got to be tough here.But im not prepared to put him up for sale to just anyone so at the moment im going to hang on wait and see.Peter gets lots of people ringing him for dogs so if he gets the right person wanting to show he'll put them onto me,ideally i'd like someone I know take him.
Never again!!!!

Right im off to have a hot bath and bed my nose is getting the better of me dripping all over the laptop.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Doesnt time fly when your having fun!

Barely had online time recently apologies for not keeping up with my blog and everyone else's news.
Last week I was off but caught the decorating bug so was up till early hours of the morning most of the time,my bedroom has been painted from top to bottom and my hallway has nice new wallpaper on it.This week ive been sleeping in a different residence with work and had no internet:0

The weather was pretty horrible most of last week so I didnt do a great deal with the neds,Ali had a couple of hacks and a longlining session in the school.Yes im still going in!:) I havent managed to catch the livery yard owner to find out the facts but ive seen the pony club using it and a few other people from outside having lessons so figured it should be okay unless im told otherwise.The general consensus seems to be,okay well among Jo,M and I,is he's not allowed to hire out the school for money:)
Ive pretty much done nothing this week as its rained most of the time:( Its taken ages to clip AliG his coat is an absolute nightmare so thick soft and fluffy ive done it over 3days and that was only to get a low trace clip!
He's been an absolute star though not batting an eye at me crawling around trying to clip from a million different angles:))

Pup's have had their second vaccination tonight and were microchipped they didnt make a peep though it all,vet said he'd done the other two on Wednesday and they'd screamed the place down!
Tomorrow im off to Scotland for Buster's last show of the year,taking the two pups for more opinions but im pretty certain im keeping the blue dog.Ive called him 'Ted' cos he looks like a teddy bear!:)))Having said that the thought of the other pup going is getting harder to contemplate..NOT that ive advertised him yet!
I cant keep two........I cant keep two......I cant keep two ......I cant keep two......