Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Not alot to report the weather has made it impossible to even get the boys out of the field never mind ride. Their field is a few minutes walk down the lane from the yard which has turned to solid ice making walking them up the hill too risky so they've not been out of the field in over a week.
They've got a large rounding bale of hay in and ive been bedding their field shelter with lots of straw,feeding them and doing water and thats about it really. They finally have the whole field back and have stopped hanging around the gate constantly so I think they are pretty happy.
Hunting on Boxing Day is obviously out due to Ali not being ridden.

Dogs are all in the process of being stripped,yep Crufts preparation has started already, so ive splashed out on new fleece Horseware coats for them as they are feeling the cold. They look very cute.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010xx

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

All better......

Ali's fine now, have been working him all of this week with one of Polo's boots on the affected foot for a bit of extra protection.
Im just hacking him at the minute to build him up slowly as work has been pretty inconsistent lately but all seems well up to now!
We went for a nice hack around the fields today with Buster and Ted for company,it was reasonably sunny and warm{ish} so we had a nice time.
Polo had a hack along the lane which was spoilt by the idiot farm workers who live next door to our yard hurtling up behind us in the tractor, bearing in mind the lane is quite narrow and Polo is scared of loud noisey *things*. So I trotted him more than i'm happy doing to get out the way but as soon as we got to the corner where the lane opens up they thundered past us sending Polo into trauma mode with him shooting into the air then cantering sideways up the road. I was furious so when I got back to the yard I told the YO's they'd better have a word or I would but it wouldnt be polite!I will be very angry tomorrow if he's lame.......

The other bone of contention at the moment is our field or should I say bog.
I stripped the boys off for the summer as its a big field and there was far too much grass,YO's asked if it was okay to put some horses in the top section for the summer which was fine as the grass was knee high. So we are now in December and the horses are still in the top section and because Polo,Ali and Ted are in the bottom half which is flat its like a mud bath and im really fed up of it!
YO's have been saying for over a month the horses were getting moved but nothing has happened, Vic said she'd had a word tonight about it. Either way on Saturday im moving the fence out a fair bit to give our boys more room !
I wish I had my own land.