Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ted's turn..

Horse wise there's not much to report really. Ive not done a lot of schooling lately with Ali so lots of hacking out which is his favourite..other than eating obviously!
He did shoot out spooking across the road on Sunday because a sheep decided to stand up at the very moment we were passing a gateway,luckily he doesnt usually spin and is so well balanced it never feels particularly dangerous.
Yesterday Ali had his first outing for ages with the dogs,only took Ted and Buster due to Mouse being in season and Minx egging Buster on to hunt and go down badger sets etc.:)) The dogs were very good other than Ted getting infront of Ali a couple of times,Ali did bolt off up the field at one point when one of the dogs ran up behind him then jogged and cantered on the spot all the way back down the field but I think this was more the appearance of a new batch of cows in the ajoining fields. He still does not like cows,although settled down quickly and did the gates nicely,he's learnt the art of pushing them open with his chest or with a flick of the nose then does a lovely leg yield to close them.

Ive rode one of the horses the YO's have in to sell a couple of times this week. He's HUGE, about 17hands and a well built boy too,Vic took a picture of me riding him, i'll have to put it up its hilarious I look tiny on him.
Anyway he's a sweet,gentleman and I really enjoy riding him but I probably shouldnt keep riding him as he's so big and bouncy my back is hurting.

Been to two shows in the past couple of weeks. The first one I got nothing with any of them, Mouse did get shortlisted in a class of 19which was good going,its the first time for ages ive left a show with nothing at all so I suppose I was due one like that.
This weekend gone I was at another Champ show, Mouse didnt go due to her season so just took the boys. Ive seen this judge out and about quite a lot but have never had a conversation but had noticed her dogs are quite well built, top-end size Borders so thought we might stand a chance of getting in the placings.
However when the first couple of classes went through she seemed to be going for smaller,finer dogs so I didnt think we stood a chance,typical when Mouse wasnt there!
I was chuffed to bits with Ted as the tactic of just letting him stand himself and using treats seems to be a whole-hearted success and for the first time he really seemed to show himself. He was still bouncy but stood really nicely and focused on me. Anyway he got a 2nd in Junior and a 1st in Special Beginners,which is for dog and handler who havent won a Challenge Certificate,he won two lots of dog food,some money and a rather nice silver trophy. The judge seemed to like him a lot and was chatting away to him when writing his critique.
Buster was in a class of 19(!) and didnt get anything. Buster is in full coat at the minute and it does make him look much bigger but I dont want to strip him just yet as im trying to time all their stripping for Crufts.We still have a couple of more shows coming up so im going to attempt to have a tidy up tomorrow but his coat is finished so he's not going to look his best for the upcomming shows.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Well weekly(ish) isnt bad going:)

Hey im finding time to update already!

Ive been at work most of the week on training 9to4,im back to work on my normal shifts this week but I was very good all week and rode most nights,usually if I dont ride early in the day I lose the inclination.
Ali has been on lots of hacks we've not done any schooling at all much to his delight. We are going on a 10 mile pleasure ride in a couple of weeks so I want to build his fitness up,he's fit and could do it no problem now but I want to fitten him up a bit more cardio wise so we can have lots of nice canters:)
Today we had a hour and a half hack,ive noticed he backs off the leg the further away he gets away from the yard which he'll have to get over as we plan on lots of longer rides as along with the pleasure ride im planing on taking him to a couple of hunt meets over the coming months.

The dog show last week was a bit odd,nobody could figure out what the judge was going for. Usually you start to get an idea after a few classes as you see quite often see a *type* they are going good heads,a certain size,coat type or movement but it was really ramdom. Having said that Buster got 3rd in a class of 10 which is not to be sniffed at as its another Crufts qualifier so it was worth the long drive and early morning. Ted got nothing he isnt showing himself well at all and the more I try to stand him the worse he stands so im having a change of tact next time and am just going to give him lots of treats and let him stand how he wants..see how that works? He doesnt do well under pressure:)
I met my friend who has Buster and Ted's brother at the beach on Thursday. After our walk we headed back to the car through the dunes where we heard squeaking, I thought it was a bird at first but then discovered Minx,Buster and Harvey (Busts brother) with a rabbit. Mouse and Ted then joined in when they spotted what was going on.
I felt horrible but I knew we would struggle to get them all off it and it would probably be so badly injured it would die so had to leave them to kill it, which they did very swiftly. They then proceeded to devour it which was rather gross, their terrier instincts were in full flow I can tell you they were a killer pack at that moment in time!