Sunday, 25 May 2008

Im trying to find the humour in the situation

but im seriously struggling!
find nobody about.I tacked AliG up and took him in the school to look around,I was early so thought maybe they'd gone to lunch.The owner came into the school after about 15mins with a rather puzzled look on her face so I knew something was up.Apparently I was booked into the March clinic,which I not asked for,and they'd just thought I'd not turned up!
They have had strangles on the yard a few months ago so closed it up cancelling the clinics which resulted in dates being re-jigged. Soon as I walked through the door,been out since before 10am till 6.30pm,I checked my emails and i definitely asked for the May and August clinics with the option of June.The list ive since been given of the dates has a different date for May and a clinic in July instead of June..confused?Iam!
Ive emailed clinic organiser either way i wasnt told about the change in dates and I DEFINITELY didnt ask to attend the March clinic I now need to check my bank and see if the cheque has been cleared as this is the stipulation-if you dont turn up at the last minute you still have to pay which is fair enough if you know when your meant to be there!
These type of things only seem to happen to me:((

Im trying to squeeze some positives out of this which are AliG loaded in seconds and although was loud he travelled well.Also although he was all over the place at first and a bit frantic once I let him look around then got on he was lovely and calm,actually he seemed to calm the instant my bum hit the saddle.YO obviously felt sorry for me as she told me to use the school to have a play around for as long as I wanted.My mum said she could see a huge difference in him from the last time she saw me ride him as he was really looking to me for confidence and listening.

So he's had a trip out in the trailer,had a little schooling session and behaved well just a pity ive travelled 100miles all told,used up my favour to borrow the trailer and used nearly half a tank to fuel in the process which is not to be sniffed at with todays prices!
Tomorrow im off to the local county show..all the dogs are entered so fingers crossed it will be a better day..

Friday, 23 May 2008

Full blown cold in May.

.whats that all about?!?!
Started with a sore throat and has proceeded to runny nose,congestion and now im feeling a bit chesty,ive been so tired and physically weak with it.
I have managed to longrein AliG,ride Jo's pony and lunge Ali today AND do both their feet.I have to confess when I finished their feet today sweat was pouring out of me and I went dizzy for a while so had to sit down.
Hopefully an early night and a relaxing day tomorrow will sort me out,just planning on spending the day sorting stables and tittivating Ali for his lesson on Sunday:)
Have to break the news to M that AliG's destroyed her lunging roller:0 I keep a wooden box in his stable with brushes and bits &pieces in had left the roller in there .AliG obviously got bored yesterday(im bringing them in through the day to get them off ther grass) emptied the box and shredded the fleece lining on the to look at ebay to buy her a replacement!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Lots to take in and think about.

Well the physio came today and had a good look at Polo and he's in total agreement with me the front end is the problem but he doesnt actually think its anything to do with the elbow joint,which is sort of good.
Told him the history and he watched Polo trot up inhand and do some tight circles Polo looked awful on the circles!He is certain whatevers going on is further down the leg,now last week when he didnt feel good I check his legs and they were slightly filled so ive been hosing them down..I thought it was him compensating for higher up the leg.
So physio thinks its one of two things- one is tendon which is good because its just a case of rest they other is a degenerative joint disease which isnt good he's already had the Adequan which should help this type of thing and there's not alot else they can do.If thats the case then its just going to be a case of managing him and keeping him comfortable.He is reasonably sound in the field and he's happy so im not considering pts hopefully for a long time but im obviously praying its tendon and a good rest will do the job.
Physio is ringing the vet today about the options.Seems like its a case of do I go down the route of getting a definitive diagnosis with Seintigraphy(no idea if thats how you spell it),xrays,nerve blocks etc or rest the wait and see?There are positives and negatives to both they main worry is I leave it and rest him then 6months down the line he's still the same and the insurance has run out.
But if its joint disease there's nothing more to do than im already doing so I think im going to get the vet to come and scan the tendons which is none invasive and doesnt require needles for my needle phobic boy see what they show then go from there.
The more im typing the less point I see in running all those tests and upsetting him when the outcome is either rest and recovery or rest and if he's still the same retirement!
Physio did some treatment on his back..which he said is good and no problems really but he has some tightness where he thinks he's been compensating due to the discomfort in the legs.
He then had a quick look at AliG and said his back is sore:0 (bit of a guilt trip here)He thinks its been due to saddle fit and stemming from early on as it felt quite old if that makes sense?
I explained that he had a long break with the splint then ive mainly longreined and done groundwork literally riding once a week over the past couple of months which he said was good and to carry on like this.He's coming back to treat him in 2weeks as he had another appointment and is away on holiday next week.
Im waiting for his new saddle to come as ive sold my Fhoenix,the treed saddle I bought with him I know isnt a brilliant fit as he's put so much weight on,hence why ive not rode him too much in it, so i'll just keep on with the longreining until he's had his physio and the new saddle is here.He does go much better in the treeless.He said it may explain the rears but if he only does it in certain places then probably not but obviously if he's got discomfort he's not going to be at his best :))
I do have the lesson booked Sunday its paid for so im going but I'll explain and maybe do a very short spell ridden and the rest in-hand?

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Ouch ive got blister's on my feet from long reining Ali knew I should have change my boots before I left so my own stupid fault!
Took the dogs to the beach this morning then long reined Ali out doing a fair bit on the roads.He was dawdling for the first 5/10mins or so then walked brilliantly.We did the majority on the roads doing a loop he's never done before which is further than usual too.He was fab one spook at a motor bike but it was one of those really loud Hells Angel type ones so fair enough...we passed another three or four normal motor cycles after that and he didnt bat an eyelid.Nothing else to report really he was foot perfect and seemed to enjoy himself!
Polo is still eating the fence ive given him another half sachet of bute and ranitidene waiting to hear which day the physio's coming out.

Friday, 16 May 2008

He won!

Yeah Buster won his class AND beat the other puppies to win best dog pup in show!
Was totally amazed as the judge didnt seem to look at him much when we first went in and he was a bit hyper so getting him to stand and walk properly was fun but she'd obviously decided straight away that she liked him.I got lots of complimentary comments from other show people about him,including the judge's steward coming over to say I really like your pup, and breeder wants to use him to line his bitches instead of using his own dogs so things are looking promising.Although I know I could just as easily go to the next show and get nothing so its definitely too early to get carried away.
Anyway two first placing in 3shows and he's qualified for Crufts already.
Mouse also got a VHC,which is 5th, I was REALLY suprised at this as it was a big class, i'd convinced myself her coat wasnt right and she kept sitting down(I really need to start practicing dont I) so im delighted.
Made the getting up at 5am,taking the wrong turn off and getting lost for half an hour then having to literally run to find the ring all worthwhile..I 'think':)))

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Just a quick post cos ive got to get up at 5am to drive up to Scotland for a dog show...its a biggie so wish us luck!

Anyway rode Polo at the start of the week and he was definitely in discomfort so short walk and back. He's also started chewing the fences which is something he's never done.Not sure what going on no diet change im wondering if its pain related,ive given him a couple of good doses of Ranitidene incase its acid but he's never done this before?I gave him some bute today wont help the tum but if is pain then it'll help that ..hard to know what to do.Physio is booked to come next week at last so once he's been out he'll chat to vet and hopefull have some sort of idea of whats going on and treatment.Im convinced its his shoulder now so doubt anything can be done other than manage the pain when it comes and be ultra carefull with him.:(

Alig has a lunging session tuesday and rode out on a hack yesterday AND wait for it........he was pretty darn good again.Still a little of the ears back but its definitely getting shorter and more half-hearted.We did the same ride that nearly killed him last week and he managed much better,its been much cooler which helps.He had us in fits at one point as there were some men resurfacing the tracks and they had a large white bag in amongst other things,AliG just had to have a look.So he grabbed the bag and lifted it which moved all the other 'things' which then gave him a fright,he shot up in the air off all four feet then landed in the same spot and went straight back to do the same thing!M said it was the funniest thing she's ever seen.

Oops not so short after all anyway off to bed to 'try' and sleep!

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Had a brill couple of days weather perfect,neddies brill and fun with the dogs too!
Polo fullfilled his 'responsible adult' role and we had a cracking long ride out in the sun.Really brings it home how lacking in fitness and stamina AliG is as Polo's not been in work long and ive been very carefull doing everything in walk and shortish rides but he just eats up hills and powers'd love him Caroline:)Poor pony was lathered when we got back to farm where as Polo was slightly damp on his neck.Gave him a bath to get out the last of the dead winter coat.
Today we took the dogs to the beach in the morning(pics to follow) then long reined AliG he was brilliant apart from grabbing gob fulls of grass whenever possible:)
He wanders and half heartedly tries to turn for home during the first 10mins but then forgets about it and walks well,thats the silly thing he really seems to enjoy being out once he gets so far.My brother was saying its like when he's going to the gym he cant be bothered at first but when he gets going he enjoys it.
We did the same loop as last time but in reverse,he was excellent going over the motorway flyover again there was a fair bit more traffic out on the roads today not that he's fazed:)
Next weekend we are going to go a bit further with more roadwork too.

Polo and Ali in the sun

Buster,Minx and Mouse enjoying the sun too....

Fun at the beach we took my Mums dogs too.The GSD Zak is Buster playmate,Buster torments the life out of him :)Plus Mums two Borders,Sky, who is Minx and Mouse's mum thus Buster's granny and Crag who totally spoilt himself by taking off across the beach to try and fight two other GSD.He's a complete thug and wants to fight anything bigger than him so is muzzled when out:))

Friday, 9 May 2008

Im almost afraid to say this but..

I think there are signs of real progress with AliG!:)
I was going to ride out with M on Polo then take Alig in the school but YO text asking if tomorrow I could 'nanny'hack out with a girl who's thinking about part loaning the sensitive pony.I thought Polo would be the sensible option for that job(heehee never thought i'd ever say that) so decided Alig would go out on the hack today.
He was MUCH improved he did still have a spell of ears back but it lasted a couple of minutes and they were just 'back' most of the time rather than completely pinned to he head.He really pinned them twice for a few seconds but that was it,I didnt take any sh#t from him at all he got a wallop everytime he so much as argued about going forward.This is the way ive been dealing with him when long reining and I honestly think the penny is starting to drop with him!
M said it was the best she's seen him behave. I also think the fact I didnt get caught up in it and stayed detached and cool helped hugely,at no time did he get a smack from frustration which I can be guilty of as im a little hot headed at times:0
We went down the steps along the track then heading back up the road which is all up hill.He was absolutely pooped at this point and kept grinding to a halt(it was heading home so I knew it was genuine tiredness),I let him catch his breath then we headed back up the steps.He did a little burst of canter to catch Ellie up which completely finished him off his legs seemed to be going up and down but he'd lost the ability to stride out so I got off loosened his girth and led him most of the was home.
It was another scorcher so I bathed him properly when we got back to the farm he was lathered from head to foot plus he still has a fair bit of dead coat I want to get out.
His fitness in the school is reasonable but hills completely kill him he has no stamina but fingers crossed we can start picking things up again.
Im very happy the way things went today.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Ahhh bliss.....

The weather was lovely again today ive caught the sun on my arms, its amazing to think we were still getting hailstone little over a week ago!YO was just saying today there's been no inbetween weather,last week we were still wearing jumpers and coats and now we are in t-shirts but im definately NOT complaining its heaven:)

I was a good girl today and rode both boys.
First went out for a hack on Polo with YO on nervy pony,Polo was still winding himself up for no reason(must be the grass) but managed to hold his nerve and lead there and back.He totally took off coming up the hill home I had him in a steady trot when he literally shot off like a bat out of hell YO said she'd never gone so fast in her life as the pony tried to keep up with us.Polo was all excited and bouncy after that so had a wash down with his minty rinse when we got home as he was sweating.
I'd intended on taking AliG in the school but when I rode over it was being used so we had a hack up the lane,he was a bit 'looky' but fine but I didnt feel that was enough work to call it a day so took him in the field for a little schooling session.He was NOT impressed! I was really firm with him and insisted he get on with it and did lots of loops,circles and changes of rein using my seat he started off flapping his tongue around,opening his gob and going behind the vertical even though I was hardly holding him but after about 15mins or so he settled down and was really listening.The all hell broke loose M was altering Ellie and Jo's pony's grazing area as the are stripped off,pony broke out and started charging round our field.Ali was totally flumoxed particularly when I lobbed off him and started chasing pony round the field with M with him in tow:)))
In the end M took Ali and put him in the stable as she was about to have an asthma attack while I continued on the pony chase.
So our schooling session was cut short but he still lathered so he had a minty wash down too.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Summer at last!

Its been a gorgeous sunny day fingers crossed it stays like this.

Had a very chilled out day before having to come back to work at 4pm its always hard after a bank holiday.
Went up to collect shavings first then took AliG in the school and did some pole work ,with an audience,he was definately keen but 'thinks' he can decide when to stop NOT :))He seems to get much more focused and forward going into the poles each time we do it.
Needless to say he enjoyed standing round chatting when we were finished getting lots of fuss and attention.
Jo had borrowed a friend's trailer for the weekend and said I was welcome practice loading AliG in preparation for our lesson in two weeks.
It isnt the most inviting trailer as its quite narrow and dark but he followed me straight in no hesitation so I was very pleased with that one less things to worry about:)

Polo had a chill out day.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Pheww im whacked!

Spent the morning poo picking,pulling Polo's mane, replacing his mats from the flood then went home to make dinner before heading back up to work the boys.
My brother came up to walk out with me while I longreined AliG but first came out with Polo and all 6dogs!
Polo was full of beans today and I couldnt resist giving him a little canter along the grass verge on the way home,its the first canter under saddle he's had for ages and boy was he fresh.He didnt buck which is his usual trick after not cantering for a while so that was good. I could feel he desperately wanted to go full blast which I wouldnt let him so when we stopped to wait for my brother he was snorting and prancing about:)

We then set off with AliG, he was a bit slow and wandery for the first 10mins or so but then after that walked fabulous to the point we were struggling to keep up! We went along his bogey track again ,I wanted to test the other day wasnt a fluke,he was perfect.I half expected him to start when we turned right as Jo and I had turned left cutting through a field last time which is a quicker way home but other than slow down a bit he didnt react.
We then continued on and went onto the main road taking him over a fly-over of the motorway,my brother walked alongside him for this bit as he'd never been over there before and other than hesitate when the first couple of cars drove under us he was fine.
That brought us in loop back round to the other track and fields which take us home AliG recognised this bit and headed for home with a mission...we were absolutely wrecked when we got back to the yard, Ali was pretty sweaty too!
So a good day again.

I was a bit concerned this morning as Ali seemed to have ballooned over night and he feels tight over his back,not where the saddle sits but behind that.I gave it a bit of a rub and massage which he didnt seem to keen on but he walked well didnt look stiff or lame so I figured longreining shouldnt do him any harm.

Wish this insurance company would sort their act out and I could go ahead and book the physio.

Friday, 2 May 2008

What a week:0

Ive had a right old week, at times I seriously doubted my safety leaving the house cos so many things have gone 'pete tong'!
I bumped my car going for hay at the beginning of the week.The farmer had put a large stone planter next to the wall coming into the yard which was below eye height so I now have a huge dent in the door:(
Wednesday Polo's stable was flooded to the point his mats were floating!This hasnt ever happened before but YO usually keeps cows in the shed ajoining the stables so its always bedded down.They havent had any this year so shed has been turfed out and with all the rain we've had the water has gathered in the shed then with no bedding to soak it up it all ran into my stable..I wasnt happy!
Spent an hour sweeping it all out and lifting mats plus I had to empty two bags of shavings in the corner of the shed try and prevent more coming through...good job I dont have to buy them/
I decided to bring neds in that night so asked my boss if it was okay if we popped past while out with the students for me to put them in.No problems there but when I reversed out I managed to clip the front of the minibus on a storage unit next to the stables.When I looked I'd bent the bumped back,totally bent the metal that it sits on and ripped the indicator light off!
I was totally fed up at this point but luckily the head of the college thinks the sun shines out of my butt and found it hilarious:)))

Anyway somehow ive survived to Friday without injury and actually had a good day with the boys today.
I rode Polo first, he was on his toes and in hyper alert mode to start off with but settled and had poor Sandy(Jo's horse) bushed trying to keep up with his power walk. I do know what Caroline means about Jazz and his movement being addictive, Polo has this and when he's striding out the sense of power gives you a real buzz.
At the moment im keeping him strictly in walk which he finds annoying:)))

Jo and I then longreined AliG out along his worst trigger area...he was no bother!
It the first time he's gone along that way without kicking up a fuss doing his scowl ears pinned back bit.He tried halfheartedly to turn back a couple of times but I put him straight and kept him going and he was a good lad.He was uncertain going past a man cutting grass with a petrol strimmer which was fair enough Jo just went upfront next to him and he followed her past.Also had a spook at a large sack dumped along the track but that was it I was pleased with him and particularly because after the first 5/10 mins he was walking out really nicely.
Think im going to spend the next few weeks taking a step back doing pole work,grids etc in the school and lots of longreining out and about.I think I have a better chance of getting him to really go forward this way without me getting frustrated plus its safer for me to deal with any possible rears.

Im happy but very tired tonight.