Sunday, 22 August 2010

Show day

..and no it wasnt the dogs!
Entered Ali in the show we went to last year,I figured if he's able to come into work now which im chosing not to do then an inhand class shouldnt do any harm.
Bathed him yesterday then turned him well covered up in SnuggyHood and rain sheet,good job as it rained last night. Set off at 8.30 this morning with my friend and her youngster who was on his first trip out ever.
Just made it in time for her class so that was a bit of a rush. She was concerned he would explode but he went the opposite way and fell asleep and wouldnt trot up so didnt get highly placed-typical! But she was very pleased at how well he behaved and the judge said he liked him but couldnt really assess him as he wouldnt trot:))

I got Ali out and myself ready bit early as I thought the classes in his ring were further on than they were so much standing around and grass eating by Ali,yes he was as chilled out as last time:)))
Got into the ring eventually,there was a real mixed bag as you'd expect in Foreign Breeds. I *think* a couple of PRE stallions( one might have been Luso?) a gorgeous Friesian stallion then some part breds,10 or 11 in total in the class.
We got 3rd which I was very pleased about considering the year we've had and how fat he is:)) That qualified him for the Royal London show again..bit too far to travel for us.
I do think the Friesian should have won as he was stunning and so well behaved, the PRE stallion who won was very dishy and just didnt take your breath away the way I think a stallion should...
Obviously didnt do the ridden..maybe next year? Anyway a good day but im really tired now.

Off to the beach with the dogs tomorrow as they've spent hours in the car today so they can have a good blast around,they are showing in Scotland next weekend..


Kate said...

I've never done in-hand, but it sounds like it has its challenges. It sounds as though you had fun, and the placing sounds very good.

Danni said...

Sounds like a very good day all around, well done on the placing :) And have fun with the pooches next weekend!

Muriel said...

Well done. I am glad Ali is showing how cool he really is.

Claire said...

oh gloucester lodge! glad you were able to go and glad he did well