Sunday, 29 August 2010

Busy week

Im on countdown for going back to work so this week has been really busy with appointments,meeting friends that ive not seen in a while and lots of other little jobs ive needed to do.

Polo had an episode with his rain sheet a few days ago. I got to the field I saw Ali with his sheet on and Polo with none so figured he must have gotten out of it somehow. But by the time I walked the field and poopicked and still hadnt found the rug I was up in arms thinking someone had stolen his rug!
My friend,who is still at my old old yard and her field is right next to my new one,shouted over the fence to say she'd found his rug hanging so had picked it up-mistery solved although the rug is beyond repair.

Not really done very much with the boys other than catering to their needs:))))
A few pics taken by my friend of Ali from the show last weekend before I go onto dog show news....

Ive bought a gorgeous picture from the professional photographer who was there but not sure if my new printer scans yet?

Dog show news.....well Ted won his class so has qualified for Crufts woohoo!!!:)))
Didnt get anything with Buster or Mouse yesterday but im still delighted to have both boys going to Crufts:0
Have few more shows coming up over the next 2months but the pressure is off now so if we get any placing they will just be the icing on the cake.

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Muriel said...

WOAW! Ali is gorgeous!!! You look good too! Brilliant idea to buy the photos. They are worth it!