Wednesday, 11 August 2010

No much to report

I dont seem to have the urge to ride at the moment and im conscious of not doing too much with Polo I know he's not up to anything other than an odd hack out,although watching him charge around the field at times makes it hard to believe, .
I took him in the school for 15mins on Sunday,kept him in walk just getting him to soften and not to try and do everything at a hundred miles an hour!

The dogs are making a dent in the rabbit population at the new yard they are into double figures since we moved,I dont feel too bad as many of them have been cropping up with myxomatosis so at least with the dogs they arent suffering and dying slowly.It truly is a horrific disease!
The track along to the field has a high population and the dogs are in their element.
They have different techniques to their hunting and is really fun to watch them a work. Ted is like Minx and tries to use stealth,creeping along on his tummy,pausing every now and again to listen.
Buster uses speed and takes off up the track way ahead of us all,his method seems to be paying off as he's the main catcher,he's very fast!
Mouse tends to only join in when the others have done most of the work...she not daft.

Oh I forgot to say when Ali was in for his scans a specialist was at the practice to scope a couple of horses for ulcers so I asked them to scope Ali as well as ive had that in the back of my mind for a while with him.
Anyway he did have scar tissue so he's definitely had ulcers in the past,the vet said they werent an issue at that time,probably due to the fact he lives out/ad lib forage but, when he comes back into work if he still shows signs of not going forward etc he should have a course of GastroGuard.


Claire said...

useful to know about Ali - so much for those who insist that only racehorses get it!

Danni said...

There's nothing wrong with not riding, I went through a phase of that!

You'll have to send the pups up to us to make a dent in the rabbits here, gotta love terriers!

Good to know that whilst Ali has had ulcers they're not a current concern. Ulcer medication is easy and there are little to no side effects :)