Sunday, 19 September 2010

Might be long a long one

Biopsy first!Relieved it all over!!
As is the norm for me the morning of the biopsy didn't quite go as planned. Got up early to poopick and feed the boys incase I didn't feel up to it later, then had to drop Minx off at the vets for the xray for her limp and a lump off her gum which she's had once before but its come back.
Yard was still locked up when I got there so had to go get keys and unlock which set me a bit behind schedule,did my jobs and headed up to the vets which is approx 15min drive took longer cos they had roadworks and two lots of 50mph zones
Clock was ticking and I knew I was pushing it for my 10am appointment,delivered Minx and headed back flapping about my lateness. Looked at my phone calender which had appointment down at 11am
Got home to find appointment was actually 11 so was ahead of schedule giving me time to start to work myself up!

The local hurt a bit and he had to give me a bit more cos I could feel a scratch when he first started but then didn't feel anything after that..although that didn't stop me nearly ripping my jeans off clenching them
My whole bottom lip and chin were numb for hours,my bottom lip was swollen about 3times the size as normal. It all took about 30mins from going in, Ive got 3stitches.
It wasn't as bad as I thought but the anticipation is always the worst thing with me as I build myself up for stuff like this despite the fact Ive got a pretty good pain thresh hold.
I had to eat soup for the first few days and drink with a straw,eating is still a bit weird now as the stitches feel tight although I still have numb bits so its not really been too painful throughout.

Anyway its over and I'm back on the 4th,just hope the results are conclusive so I can move forward.

Re Minx the lump came off easily but will probably come back in the future,the only way of preventing this is to pull teeth out and deaden right into the gum which I thought was a bit extreme considering it is a 2min job to take it off and its taken so long to come back so opted for the lesser method.
Her leg is a bit complicated she basically is laying down bone,at first vet thought she had injured the leg and the ligament had becoming inflamed similar to sidebone in horses? But he xrayed other leg for comparison and the same thing is happening there?!?!
So he *thinks* there has been inflamation to both ligaments and the body is trying to lay down bone to stabilise the joint,he's not to worried and thinks once it has all settled down she's be fine but is sending the xrays away for a 2nd opinion.

I was at a show with the dogs yesterday but got nothing with any of them,judge obviously didnt like my gang just one of those shows!;(

Today it was Ali's show day.Show prep consisted of washing- Ali's mane and tail yesterday plaited it up and turn him out in his snuggy hood and rain sheet,easy peasy.
I was doing two trips as Vic was taking Bree and my friend Marina was taking her youngster Victor again so was a bit manic.
I got the boys in, hitched trailer and undid plaits while Vic loaded Bree then did my first run to the show ground with Bree,turned around and came straight back for Ali and Marina's yearling took approx an hour doing the round trip so was all a bit fraught.
As usual Ali came off the box totally relaxed got myself and him sorted then made our way to the ring,had a little wait which gave me time to decide I needed a wee but wasnt sure if I had time to go so crossed my legs
Did our walking around and trotting stuff then our individually bit, judge said he was far too pretty to be a boy
Walked around a bit more then she started pulling us in with Ali first and Bree second..a very successful day!
He is such a star,I sometimes forget how fantastic he is when he's being a monkey grabbing things and wrecking stuff or bitting Polo's bum when im leading them but he is a pleasure to take places, he's just a nice person

Bree had a bit of a panic at a wagon and banged into Vic's car and ran away.I didnt realise anything was happening as I was at the back of the box sorting Victor out for Marina so just heard she was running around,I was mid bridling Victor so couldnt do a thing but other than the broken car no harm was done.
Took some pics for Marina then ran Bree and Ali back to the yard then straight back for Marina who was all done by the time I got back.
She got a 5th and a 6th. Judge said he liked him but he's just at that odd growth stage and looks all out of proportion but did say please dont go away thinking there's anything wrong with him and for godsake dont go and pump him with loads of hard feed to try and bring him on quickly which I thought was really nice of him.

I was very organised and put chicken and veg in the slow cooker this morning which was lush and ive just scoffed it all

Now for a few pics of the handsome chappy


Claire said...

again, well done on the showing. that biopsy sounds all a bit traumatic, hope the results are ok!

Danni said...

All is crossed for both you and Minx, I hope for simple answers for you both :)

I always say I never covet other people's horses but I make a huge exception for Ali, he is just dreamy and maturing beautifully. I loves him! How old is he now?

Well Done on a successful showing day for all of you, sounds like a very pleasant outing (damaged cars aside!).

Muriel said...

Ali is gorgeous, but he looks a bit like a broodmare. ;-) I hope you get good result for your biopsie. fingers crossed.